• Concealed manifold
  • 1" stem
  • 7/20" D stem
  • 1/8" NPT inlet
  • 3/8"-27 outlet

Customer questions about this product

Is this part something I can install myself?
This item should be installed by a qualified service technician with the proper training necessary to install this part.
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This FMP 158-1125 top burner gas valve is a perfect fit for compatible cooking equipment. It allows you to easily replace a broken or worn out valve.

Compatible Models

Grindmaster-Cecilware BC Series
Grindmaster-Cecilware CCB Series
Franklin Chef GR Series
Imperial Range IAB-24
Imperial Range IAB-30
Imperial Range IAB-36
Imperial Range IAB-48
Imperial Range IAB-60
Imperial Range IAB-72
Imperial Range ICB-4827
Imperial Range ICB-4836
Imperial Range ICB-6027
Imperial Range ICB-6036
Imperial Range ICMA-24
Imperial Range ICMA-36
Imperial Range ICMA-48
Imperial Range ICMA-60
Imperial Range ICMA-72
Imperial Range ICRA-1
Imperial Range ICRA-2
Imperial Range ICRA-3
Imperial Range ICRA-4
Imperial Range ICRA-5
Imperial Range IHPA-12
Imperial Range IHPA-24
Imperial Range IHPA-36
Imperial Range IHPA-48
Imperial Range IHR-G24-2-C
Imperial Range IHR-6-C
Imperial Range IMGA-2428
Imperial Range IMGA-3628
Imperial Range IMGA-4828
Imperial Range IMGA-6028
Imperial Range IMGA-7228
Imperial Range IR-2000-24
Imperial Range IR-2000-36
Imperial Range IR-2000-48
Imperial Range IR-2000-60
Imperial Range IR-2000-72
Imperial Range IRB-24
Imperial Range IRB-30
Imperial Range IRB-36
Imperial Range IRB-48
Imperial Range IRB-60
Imperial Range ISB-24
Imperial Range ISB-36
Imperial Range ISPA-18
Imperial Range ISPA-18-2
Imperial Range ISPA-18W
Imperial Range ISPA-18W-2
Imperial Range ITY-24
Imperial Range MSQ-30
Imperial Range MSQ-36
Imperial Range MSQ-48
Imperial Range MSQ-60
Imperial Range EBA SERIES
Imperial Range GD SERIES
Imperial Range IABC-48
Imperial Range IABR-48
Imperial Range IABS-48
Imperial Range IRB
Imperial Range IMGA
Imperial Range IHPA
Imperial Range IPR
Imperial Range IPRA
Imperial Range IHPA-2-12
Imperial Range IHPA-3-36
Imperial Range IHPA-4-24
Imperial Range IHPA-4-48
Imperial Range IHPA-6-36
Imperial Range IHR
Imperial Range IR-6-C
Imperial Range IHR-6
Imperial Range IR-10
Imperial Range IR-4-G12
Imperial Range IR-6
Imperial Range IR-8
Imperial Range ISB
Imperial Range ISPA
Jade Range JB-24
Jade Range JB-36
Jade Range JB-48
Jade Range JB-60
Jade Range JB-72
Jade Range JMRH-36B
Jade Range JMRH-48B
Jade Range JMRH-60B
Jade Range JMRH-72B
Jade Range JCM-24
Jade Range JCM-36
Jade Range JCM-48
Jade Range JCM-60
Jade Range JCM-72
Jade Range JGGM-2224
Jade Range JGM-2224
Jade Range JGM-2236
Jade Range JGM-2248
Jade Range JGM-2260
Jade Range JGM-2272
Jade Range JGM-2284
Jade Range JHP-212
Jade Range JHP-336
Jade Range JHP-424
Jade Range JHP-848
Jade Range JHPE-2-218
Jade Range JHPE-2-224
Jade Range JHPE-3-324
Jade Range JHPE-3-336
Jade Range JHPE-3-436
Jade Range JHPE-4-336
Jade Range JSR-6-36C
Jade Range JSR-8-36C
Jade Range JTRH-4-36C
Jade Range JSR-12G-4-36
Jade Range JSR-6-36
Jade Range JSP-18
Garland / US Range C-HDS-A
Garland / US Range RBA
Garland / US Range RG-HDS-A
Garland / US Range RGM
Garland / US Range RGTA
Garland / US Range RHPA
Vulcan EG160
Vulcan EG260
Vulcan G260
Vulcan G260C
Vulcan G260CC
Vulcan G36
Vulcan G36C
Vulcan G36F
Vulcan G36S
Vulcan G36X
Vulcan G48
Vulcan G48C
Vulcan G48F
Vulcan G60
Vulcan G60C
Vulcan G60CC
Vulcan G60F
Vulcan G60LC
Vulcan G60X
Vulcan MG12
Vulcan MG36
Vulcan MG48
Vulcan VCCB25
Vulcan VCCB30
Vulcan VCCB36
Vulcan VCCB47
Vulcan VCCB60
Vulcan VCCB72
Vulcan VCCB84
Vulcan VCM-34R
Vulcan 148L
Vulcan 148LC
Vulcan 160L
Vulcan 160LC
Vulcan 160L77R
Vulcan 24L
Vulcan 260L
Vulcan 260LC
Vulcan 260LCC
Vulcan 36FL77R
Vulcan 36L
Vulcan 36LC
Vulcan 36L77R
Vulcan 48L
Vulcan 481L
Vulcan 481LC
Vulcan 60FL77R
Vulcan 60L
Vulcan 60LC
Vulcan 60LCC
Vulcan 60L77R
Vulcan VCCB-36
Vulcan VCCB-47
Vulcan VCCB-60
Vulcan VCCB-72
Vulcan G36L
Vulcan VG24
Vulcan VHP212
Vulcan VHP424
Vulcan VHP636
Vulcan 848
Wolf VCCB25
Wolf VCCB30
Wolf VCCB36
Wolf VCCB47
Wolf VCCB60
Wolf VCCB72
Wolf VCCB84
Wolf VCM-34R
Wolf ABC36
Wolf CCB-47-36
Wolf SCB-24
Wolf SCB-36
Wolf SCB-60
Wolf SCB72
Wolf VC-36
Wolf CMJ36
Wolf CMJ48-4
Wolf CMJ60-11
Wolf AGM24
Wolf GG
Wolf HG
Wolf MTG
Wolf RMG
Wolf RMG-24
Wolf STG
Wolf 36
Wolf 48
Wolf 60
Wolf 72
Wolf AHP-2-12
Wolf AHP-6-36
Wolf RHP-2-12
Wolf C23S-21
Wolf RHP-6-36
Wolf RHP-8-48
Wolf RH424
Wolf RH848-1
Wolf VH-1-12
Wolf VH-2-12
Wolf VH-4-48-2
Wolf VH-6-36

Equivalent Items

Imperial Range 1610
Jade Range 4418500000
Grindmaster-Cecilware F196A
Jade Range 4411000000
Vulcan 404076
Grindmaster-Cecilware F196F
Grindmaster-Cecilware CECF196A
Grindmaster-Cecilware CECF196F
Grindmaster-Cecilware GMF196A
Grindmaster-Cecilware GMF196F
Franklin Chef 142382
Garland / US Range GAR4530671
Garland / US Range GL4530671
Garland / US Range 4530671
Imperial Range IMP1610
Jade Range 440-123-000
Jade Range 440-142-000
Jade Range 440-185-000
Jade Range 441100000
Jade Range 44185
Jade Range JAD440-123-000
Jade Range JAD440-142-000
Jade Range JAD440-185-000
Jade Range JAD441100000
Jade Range JAD4411000000
Jade Range JAD44185
Jade Range JAD4418500000
Garland / US Range USR4530671
Vulcan 719221
Vulcan VHL404076
Vulcan VHL719221
Vulcan VH404076
Vulcan VH719221
Wolf 19221
Wolf 19221-1
Wolf 719221
Wolf 719221-1
Wolf WOL19221
Wolf WOL19221-1
Wolf WOL719221
Wolf WOL719221-1
Wolf VH19221
Wolf VH19221-1
Wolf VH719221
Wolf VH719221-1

Customer Reviews

  • Overall User Rating: FMP 158-1125 Top Burner Gas Valve

    5.0 stars from 1 review


    People Talk About:

    perfect worked valve undamaged parts dictated customer Awesome arrive always
    This valve worked perfect for our customer. The pictures dictated on here were perfect and the parts always arrive on time and undamaged. Awesome product.

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