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  • Carrying handle for easy transport
  • 100% natural spring water
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Directly from the springs of the most pristine geological locations in the United States, this Crystal Geyser 1 gallon natural spring water provides an exhilarating and invigorating spirit in the spring water industry.

This Crystal Geyser natural spring water is refined through a delicate process from the purest springs and aquifer sources. Environmentally friendly and FDA approved, this 1 gallon water jug is sure to please patrons of any business or catered event with their consistently clean and crisp taste.

  • BPA Free

    BPA Free

    This item is free of the chemical Bisphenol A (BPA) and is safe for food contact.

  • Made in America

    Made in America

    This item was made in the United States of America.

Pure Sourcing

The process for pure sourcing starts with searching for spring and aquifer sources protected from agricultural and industrial man made activities that might pose a risk of contamination. Once this location is secured, the water is bottled right at the spring source, ridding the threat of contamination during transport.

Refreshing Taste

Bottling exclusively at the source provides 100% natural, crisp and refreshing spring water taste. With every sip of this spring water, you can expect a crisp, refreshing product that cares about its source and the customer satisfaction it achieves.

Protecting the Environment

Determined to protect the springs from which this water flows, sustainable environmental practices are in place-from the care taken at the spring source and the packaging of the products to the energy efficiency in the manufacturing process. This spring water undergoes a double disinfection process that uses no sterilizing chemicals and does not remove naturally-occurring, healthy minerals.

Recyclable and Ergonomic Design

The water is packaged in 100% recyclable PET plastic, the most recyclable of all plastics used for packaging foods. Each 1 gallon water jug is BPA free and FDA approved. Plus, it is built with a plastic carrying handle for convenience!

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Does this product have nutrition facts?
This product does not have nutrition labeling because it has insignificant amounts of fats, carbohydrates, and proteins.
Can this item be shipped to my state?
Due to local regulations, this product is unavailable for shipment to California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Iowa, Massachusetts, Maine, Michigan, New York, Oregon, and Vermont as well as Canada and Guam.

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  • Package Size:1 gal.

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Customer Reviews

1 out of 1 found this review helpful

Bottled waters have different tastes, but this one always tastes great to me. It is a clean, crisp water without any traces of sweetness or bitterness or anything else treatment and/or chemicals can add to water. On some cheap brands you can even taste the bottle sometimes. But that never happens with my Crystal Geyser water. And speaking of the bottle, I not only love this product for the taste of the water, and the handy handle attached to each bottle, for ease of pouring, but also the screw-on lid makes this much better than gallon jug spring waters with pop-tops that don't always attach securely, and can easily pop-off if the jug gets squeezed or if you brush against the top in the fridge or wherever. We like the Crystal Geyser 1-gallon bottles so much that we re-use them to fill with tap when we're finished, and use it Read More

Lindsay K. on 06/01/2018

I know it may be strange to say that water tastes great, but Crystal Geyser really does! It's a good investment to buy these jugs with cups and keep them in the break room for your employees so they can have something to drink while they're on the clock.

Rachel C. on 01/03/2020

This is high quality bottles water that tastes great. This gallon bottle is good for home and for keeping cold in the refrigerator. Good value.

Cody F. on 08/25/2019

Crystal Geyser is a great tasting quality product. I will only use Crystal Geyser water when brewing coffee or making tea. Quality water makes all the difference.

Joshua L. on 02/02/2019

Crystal Geyser natural spring water is some of the best bottled water you can buy. it has a good flavor, and spring water is good for you. and this price for 6 gallons is amazing!

Central C. from Central Christian Church on 09/17/2018

Crystal Geyser gallon natural spring water is great for our camping treats. The large jugs are easy to carry and have a great drinking quality.

Hank T. on 01/25/2018

I love the size of these. They are perfect to store in the basement and have a nice handle on the top which makes it easy to carry. Great pure taste. I like that this water doesn't have added salt like some bottled water brands do.

Rebecca K. on 01/23/2018
0 out of 1 found this review helpful

I really love this water. There's not much to say about it, it's kind of self explanatory, but it is good. These are great to stock up on in your basement for an emergency supply or to take camping.

Brittany on 10/17/2017

Crystal Geyser water is a great brand. Everyone loves it and it's got a very clean flavor. Not too mineraly which I enjoy. I've drank this my entire life.

Douglas P. on 06/25/2017

This is awesome water. It's very smooth and refreshing. I drink a lot of it in the gallon jug and in the bottled variety. I love it.

Linda S. on 06/16/2017

Love the handle on the bottle and it's very sturdy even though it looks kind of cheap. Great tasting water at a great price really can't complain.

Luciana T. from 3 Leaf Tea on 12/16/2016

We have this water delivered to our house every two weeks. This water is great and the bottle you can refill multiple times. The handle on the water jug is very flexible and is comfortable well carrying it! We love these bottles at home!

Joey J. on 07/19/2016

Crystal Geyser bottled water has a clean taste and it's full of minerals. It's spring water, bottled from one of 7 mountain springs across the US (they do not bottle municipal water like many other national bottlers). Depending on where you buy it or where it's shipped from dictates what spring yours will be bottled at. I've had Crystal Geyser mostly from the Olancha spring in California, but I've had bottles from other springs when travelling (many major airline carriers serve CG on board). It's also interesting to note that a major national grocery store chain with initials TJ bottles their store brand water from the same springs. If you're there, take a look at the label! Go figure!

Miles W. on 02/07/2016

The water is a very economical price but it is hard to stand up in my refrigerator. I store them in my pantry. The water tastes great but is not excellent but looks very clear. Not sure if the taste is due to the plastic.

Gloria L. on 02/06/2016

This Crystal Geyser bottled water is refreshing and full of minerals. We use it for drinking at staff meal or for making vinegar or beer l.

Gabby G. from Jack & Alice LLC. on 01/22/2016

this Crystal Geyser gallon bottled water is a really great tasting product. we like to always keep bottled water on hand. and at this low price its really easy to do.

Elizabeth H. on 10/11/2014

Crystal Geyser is high quality water, we have test equipment and it reads as very pure. It has nice fresh flavor that we all love and you cannot beat this price. Gallon size bottles are easy to handle, but still big enough to keep with all empty glasses :)

William G. from IT Lions on 08/28/2014

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