Parts & Manuals for Wells 5E-F1725-240 40 lb. Electric Countertop Fryer - 240V, 17250W

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125/250 Volts125/250 Volts
FMP 149-1027 Red Indicator Light

Item number3591491027



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Wells 5E-20519 Fry Pot

Item number94220519


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Wells 2B-43689 Basket Full Size

Item numberhp2b43689


Wells 2C-30157 Bulb Clamp

Item numberhp2c30157



Wells 2C-31718 Screw

Item numberhp2c31718




Wells 2E-35127 Switch

Item numberhp2e35127


Wells 2E-35128 Rocker Switch

Item numberhp2e35128


Wells 2E-43738 Rubber Boot

Item numberhp2e43738


Wells 2I-Z12311 Element Washer

Item numberhp2iz12311



Wells 2J-31157 Signal Light

Item numberhp2j31157


Wells 2P-32428 Spring Support

Item numberhp2p32428


Wells 2R-35511 Knob

Item numberhp2r35511


Wells WS-50131 Terminal Block

Item numberhpws50131


Wells WS-50183 Hinge Bracket

Item numberhpws50183