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  • Great for high-volume applications with constant loading and unloading of heavy products
  • Unique design allows shelves to be adjusted in 4" increments even after the unit is assembled
  • Speckled gray color
  • Made from a steel core with a smooth polypropylene exterior
  • Will not peel, dent, or warp
  • Withstands temperatures from -36 to 190 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Lifetime warranty
UPC Code: 099511900169
Shipping: Usually Ships in 2-3 Weeks
Cambro Camshelving® Premium Series

Cambro Camshelving® Premium Series

Here at the Hilton Anaheim we do have some limitations for walk-in cooler space so the camshelving itself really helped us maximize the space that we do have. The walk-in cooler itself is a very busy place, very chaotic, that’s why having the Camshelving® itself is very important for our organization just because when they come back here they know exactly where everything is, the way everything is stored, and then they can just go out with it. The shelving unit itself has to be durable in a walk-in cooler, especially a produce box just because of the sheer weight. Before here we had wire shelving in here for quite a while and you could definitely tell over time it just starts to bow right down the middle. The importance of the Camshelving® is that it doesn’t bow; it lasts and is very durable. It’s one of the most sturdiest shelving units I’ve ever worked with.

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Looking for a durable shelving unit for your foodservice operation? Check out Cambro’s Camshelving® Premium Series! These shelves won’t bow under heavy weight, which makes them long-lasting and reliable.

Cambro Camshelving®: Overview

Cambro Camshelving®: Overview

My passion for cooking actually came while I was in high school, when I was 13 years old. Had an executive chef who used to be a former Walt Disney World chef and he really got me into falling in love with ingredients and falling in love with the food. I love following recipes, I love creating things from recipes, but the real passion came when I was able to create whatever I wanted too. Efficiency and organization is the backbone of any successful operation. Without it, you aren’t going to succeed in what you do. The biggest challenge in running an operation of this size is really just creating efficiency and productivity. The impact of not having the right equipment is extremely visible. Having a dependable product that you rely on, that’s something we look deeply into to make sure we have the right solution to our business needs. This is the biggest hotel I’ve worked at in my career, ya know, and in terms of coverage, it’s really high. That’s where the organization is important. With this particular hotel, everything was sitting on a shelf at one point or another, and if we didn’t have that type of organization and that kind of space utilization with our shelving units, we wouldn’t be able to effectively service our guests. That’s where the Cambro shelving line really helped us in our operation become more efficient. Working with Cambro they actually came in, measured out the room, and made custom pieces to fit the entire room so that I could use the entire scope of the storage area. The problem with wire shelving is you know the rust is probably the biggest thing, you know, you get into operations where you are throwing away a ton of scrap metal and things like that into a trashcan. To have the Camshelving® itself, I’m not throwing anything away. Moving to the Cambro solution, we’ve been able to really maximize our team in getting a much more sterile environment, I would say that everything needs to have a place, and the Cambro shelving really helps provide that solution for us, which creates efficiency back-of-the-house which trickles down to impact our team that’s on the floor working face-to-face with the guests. The Cambro brand is important to me just because of the fact that it just really means quality, um, and durability, and, ya know, Cambro really stands behind their product. I take a lot of pride in what I do, and to see my kitchen running smoothly and efficiently is probably, you know, the one of the most important things for me.

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Keeping an organized kitchen is one of the key things in maintaining efficiency and productivity - that’s why you need Cambro Camshelving®! Durable and rust-resistant, Camshelving® is the perfect solution for your busy kitchen.

Cambro CSP84480 Specs
Height 84 Inches
Made in America Yes
Material Polypropylene
NSF Listed Yes
Product Line Cambro Camshelving® Premium
Style Stationary
Type Stationary Shelving Posts

Cambro CSP84480 Details

As part of the renowned Premium series, this Cambro CSP84480 Camshelving® Premium 84" stationary post is an integral component of your shelving system. Great for high-volume applications with constant loading and unloading of heavy products, this post boasts the highest-quality design with all of the features you expect in a Camshelving® product! Made from a steel core with a smooth polypropylene exterior, this post is as strong as steel but easier to set up, clean, and maintain. With its professional-looking speckled gray color and superior durability, the post is the perfect start to a stationary shelving system in any area of your business, even humid dish rooms or cold walk-in freezers. Featuring a limited lifetime warranty against rust and corrosion, this unit is guaranteed not to rust, corrode, or peel, even when used in wet, dry, hot, or cold areas. It can withstand temperatures as low as -36 degrees Fahrenheit and as high as 190 degrees Fahrenheit without breaking down.

Versatility is built into this post! It combines with compatible shelves and traverses (sold separately) to form a convenient unit that has shelves which can be adjusted in 4" increments even after the unit is assembled. Whether you need to set up drying racks in your dishroom or add a shelf to your cooler, this post will get you started on the right track.

Overall Dimensions:
Height: 84"

Because this item is not stocked in our warehouse, processing, transit times and stock availability will vary. If you need your items by a certain date, please contact us prior to placing your order. Expedited shipping availability may vary. We cannot guarantee that this item can be cancelled off of the order or returned once it is placed.

  • NSF Listed

    NSF Listed

    This item meets the standards imposed by NSF International, which focuses on public safety, health, and the environment.

  • Made in America

    Made in America

    This item was made in the United States of America.

  • StoreSafe


    This item has been designed to help foodservice operators meet critical food safety guidelines.

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Cambro CPU183684S5PKG
Cambro CPU183684S4PKG
Cambro CPU183684VS5PKG
Cambro CPU183684VS4PKG
Cambro CPU183084V5PKG
Cambro CPU183084V4PKG
Cambro CPU183084S5PKG
Cambro CPU183084S4PKG
Cambro CPU183084VS5PKG
Cambro CPU183084VS4PKG
Cambro CPU182484V5PKG
Cambro CPU182484V4PKG
Cambro CPU182484S5PKG
Cambro CPU182484S4PKG
Cambro CPU182484VS5PKG
Cambro CPU182484VS4PKG
Cambro CPU217284V5PKG
Cambro CPU217284V4PKG
Cambro CPU217284S5PKG
Cambro CPU217284S4PKG
Cambro CPU217284VS5PKG
Cambro CPU217284VS4PKG
Cambro CPU216084V5PKG
Cambro CPU216084V4PKG
Cambro CPU216084S5PKG
Cambro CPU216084S4PKG
Cambro CPU216084VS5PKG
Cambro CPU216084VS4PKG
Cambro CPU215484V4PKG
Cambro CPU215484S5PKG
Cambro CPU215484S4PKG
Cambro CPU215484VS5PKG
Cambro CPU215484VS4PKG
Cambro CPU214884V5PKG
Cambro CPU214884V4PKG
Cambro CPU214884S5PKG
Cambro CPU214884S4PKG
Cambro CPU214884VS5PKG
Cambro CPU214884VS4PKG
Cambro CPU214284V5PKG
Cambro CPU214284V4PKG
Cambro CPU214284S5PKG
Cambro CPU214284S4PKG
Cambro CPU214284VS5PKG
Cambro CPU214284VS4PKG
Cambro CPU213684V5PKG
Cambro CPU213684V4PKG
Cambro CPU213684S5PKG
Cambro CPU213684S4PKG
Cambro CPU213684VS5PKG
Cambro CPU213684VS4PKG
Cambro CPU213084V5PKG
Cambro CPU213084V4PKG
Cambro CPU213084S5PKG
Cambro CPU213084S4PKG
Cambro CPU213084VS5PKG
Cambro CPU213084VS4PKG
Cambro CPU212484V5PKG
Cambro CPU212484V4PKG
Cambro CPU212484S5PKG
Cambro CPU212484S4PKG
Cambro CPU212484VS5PKG
Cambro CPU212484VS4PKG
Cambro CPU247284V5PKG
Cambro CPU247284V4PKG
Cambro CPU247284S5PKG
Cambro CPU247284S4PKG
Cambro CPU247284VS5PKG
Cambro CPU247284VS4PKG
Cambro CPU246084V5PKG
Cambro CPU246084V4PKG
Cambro CPU246084S5PKG
Cambro CPU246084S4PKG
Cambro CPU246084VS5PKG
Cambro CPU246084VS4PKG
Cambro CPU245484V5PKG
Cambro CPU245484V4PKG
Cambro CPU245484S5PKG
Cambro CPU245484S4PKG
Cambro CPU245484VS5PKG
Cambro CPU245484VS4PKG
Cambro CPU244884V5PKG
Cambro CPU244884V4PKG
Cambro CPU244884S5PKG
Cambro CPU244884S4PKG
Cambro CPU244884VS5PKG
Cambro CPU244884VS4PKG
Cambro CPU244284V5PKG
Cambro CPU244284V4PKG
Cambro CPU244284S5PKG
Cambro CPU244284S4PKG
Cambro CPU244284VS5PKG
Cambro CPU244284VS4PKG
Cambro CPU243684V5PKG
Cambro CPU243684V4PKG
Cambro CPU243684S5PKG
Cambro CPU243684S4PKG
Cambro CPU243684VS5PKG
Cambro CPU243684VS4PKG
Cambro CPU243084V5PKG
Cambro CPU243084V4PKG
Cambro CPU243084S5PKG
Cambro CPU243084S4PKG
Cambro CPU243084VS5PKG
Cambro CPU243084VS4PKG
Cambro CPU242484V5PKG
Cambro CPU242484V4PKG
Cambro CPU242484S5PKG
Cambro CPU242484S4PKG
Cambro CPU242484VS5PKG
Cambro CPU242484VS4PKG
Cambro CPSK2472V1480
Cambro CPSK2472S1480
Cambro CPSK2460V1480
Cambro CPSK2460S1480
Cambro CPSK2454V1480
Cambro CPSK2454S1480
Cambro CPSK2448V5480
Cambro CPSK2448V4480
Cambro CPSK2448V1480
Cambro CPSK2448S5480
Cambro CPSK2448S4480
Cambro CPSK2448S1480
Cambro CPSK2448VS5480
Cambro CPSK2448VS4480
Cambro CPSK2442V5480
Cambro CPSK2442V4480
Cambro CPSK2442V1480
Cambro CPSK2442S5480
Cambro CPSK2442S4480
Cambro CPSK2442S1480
Cambro CPSK2442VS5480
Cambro CPSK2442VS4480
Cambro CPSK2436V5480
Cambro CPSK2436V4480
Cambro CPSK2436V1480
Cambro CPSK2436S5480
Cambro CPSK2436S4480
Cambro CPSK2436S1480
Cambro CPSK2436VS5480
Cambro CPSK2436VS4480
Cambro CPSK2430V1480
Cambro CPSK2430S1480
Cambro CPSK2424V1480
Cambro CPSK2424S1480
Cambro CPSK2172V1480
Cambro CPSK2172S1480
Cambro CPSK2160V1480
Cambro CPSK2160S1480
Cambro CPSK2154V1480
Cambro CPSK2154S1480
Cambro CPSK2148V5480
Cambro CPSK2148V4480
Cambro CPSK2148V1480
Cambro CPSK2148S5480
Cambro CPSK2148S4480
Cambro CPSK2148S1480
Cambro CPSK2148VS5480
Cambro CPSK2148VS4480
Cambro CPSK2142V5480
Cambro CPA187284V5PKG
Cambro CPA187284V4PKG
Cambro CPA187284S5PKG
Cambro CPA187284S4PKG
Cambro CPA187284VS5PKG
Cambro CPA187284VS4PKG
Cambro CPA186084V5PKG
Cambro CPA186084V4PKG
Cambro CPA186084S5PKG
Cambro CPA186084S4PKG
Cambro CPA186084VS5PKG
Cambro CPA186084VS4PKG
Cambro CPA185484V5PKG
Cambro CPA185484V4PKG
Cambro CPA185484S5PKG
Cambro CPA185484S4PKG
Cambro CPA185484VS5PKG
Cambro CPA185484VS4PKG
Cambro CPA184884V5PKG
Cambro CPA184884V4PKG
Cambro CPA184884S5PKG
Cambro CPA184884S4PKG
Cambro CPA184884VS5PKG
Cambro CPA184884VS4PKG
Cambro CPA184284V5PKG
Cambro CPA184284V4PKG
Cambro CPA184284S5PKG
Cambro CPA184284S4PKG
Cambro CPA184284VS5PKG
Cambro CPA184284VS4PKG
Cambro CPA183684V5PKG
Cambro CPA183684V4PKG
Cambro CPA183684S5PKG
Cambro CPA183684S4PKG
Cambro CPA183684VS5PKG
Cambro CPA183684VS4PKG
Cambro CPA183084V5PKG
Cambro CPA183084V4PKG
Cambro CPA183084S5PKG
Cambro CPA183084S4PKG
Cambro CPA183084VS5PKG
Cambro CPA183084VS4PKG
Cambro CPA182484V5PKG
Cambro CPA182484V4PKG
Cambro CPA182484S4PKG
Cambro CPA182484VS5PKG
Cambro CPA182484VS4PKG
Cambro CPA217284V5PKG
Cambro CPA217284V4PKG
Cambro CPA217284S5PKG
Cambro CPA217284S4PKG
Cambro CPA217284VS5PKG
Cambro CPA217284VS4PKG
Cambro CPA216084V5PKG
Cambro CPA216084V4PKG
Cambro CPA216084S5PKG
Cambro CPA216084S4PKG
Cambro CPA216084VS5PKG
Cambro CPA216084VS4PKG
Cambro CPA215484V5PKG
Cambro CPA215484V4PKG
Cambro CPA215484S5PKG
Cambro CPA215484S4PKG
Cambro CPA215484VS5PKG
Cambro CPA215484VS4PKG
Cambro CPA214884V5PKG
Cambro CPA214884V4PKG
Cambro CPA214884S5PKG
Cambro CPA214884S4PKG
Cambro CPA214884VS5PKG
Cambro CPA214884VS4PKG
Cambro CPA214284V5PKG
Cambro CPA214284V4PKG
Cambro CPA214284S5PKG
Cambro CPA214284S4PKG
Cambro CPA214284VS5PKG
Cambro CPA214284VS4PKG
Cambro CPA213684V5PKG
Cambro CPA213684V4PKG
Cambro CPA213684S5PKG
Cambro CPA213684S4PKG
Cambro CPA213684VS5PKG
Cambro CPA213684VS4PKG
Cambro CPA213084V5PKG
Cambro CPA213084V4PKG
Cambro CPA213084S5PKG
Cambro CPA213084S4PKG
Cambro CPA213084VS5PKG
Cambro CPA213084VS4PKG
Cambro CPA212484V5PKG
Cambro CPA212484V4PKG
Cambro CPA212484S5PKG
Cambro CPA212484S4PKG
Cambro CPA212484VS5PKG
Cambro CPA212484VS4PKG
Cambro CPA247284V5PKG
Cambro CPA247284V4PKG
Cambro CPA247284S5PKG
Cambro CPA247284S4PKG
Cambro CPA247284VS5PKG
Cambro CPA247284VS4PKG
Cambro CPA246084V5PKG
Cambro CPA246084V4PKG
Cambro CPA246084S5PKG
Cambro CPA246084S4PKG
Cambro CPA246084VS5PKG
Cambro CPA246084VS4PKG
Cambro CPA245484V5PKG
Cambro CPA245484V4PKG
Cambro CPA245484S5PKG
Cambro CPA245484S4PKG
Cambro CPA245484VS5PKG
Cambro CPA245484VS4PKG
Cambro CPA244884V5PKG
Cambro CPA244884V4PKG
Cambro CPA244884S5PKG
Cambro CPA244884S4PKG
Cambro CPA244884VS5PKG
Cambro CPA244884VS4PKG
Cambro CPA244284V5PKG
Cambro CPA244284V4PKG
Cambro CPA244284S5PKG
Cambro CPA244284S4PKG
Cambro CPA244284VS5PKG
Cambro CPA244284VS4PKG
Cambro CPA243684V5PKG
Cambro CPA243684V4PKG
Cambro CPA243684S5PKG
Cambro CPA243684S4PKG
Cambro CPA243684VS5PKG
Cambro CPA243684VS4PKG
Cambro CPA243084V5PKG
Cambro CPA243084V4PKG
Cambro CPA243084S5PKG
Cambro CPA243084S4PKG
Cambro CPA243084VS5PKG
Cambro CPA243084VS4PKG
Cambro CPA242484V5PKG
Cambro CPA242484V4PKG
Cambro CPA242484S5PKG
Cambro CPA242484S4PKG
Cambro CPA242484VS5PKG
Cambro CPA242484VS4PKG
Cambro CPU215484V5PKG
Cambro CPA182484S5PKG480

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