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  • Great for medium to heavy-duty storage applications
  • Will not peel, dent, or warp
  • Withstands temperatures from -35 to 190 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Combines with other shelf plates and traverses (sold separately) for a 800 lb. capacity per shelf
  • Lifetime warranty
UPC Code: 099511900756
Shipping: Usually Ships in 2-3 Weeks
Cambro Elements Series Shelving Assembly

Cambro Elements Series Shelving Assembly

Mobile Assembly: In this video we are going to demonstrate for you how easy it is to assemble an Elements mobile unit. We will be assembling an Elements mobile starter unit, but before we get started let's make sure we have all the necessary parts. In your package you will receive all the components needed to assemble a complete unit. The only tool you will need to provide is a rubber mallet. Mobile starter units ship with pre-assembled post kits. If your post kits are pre-assembled, you can fast forward to the section titled "Installing Dovetails." Components Needed for Assembly: To assemble a Camshelving® Elements mobile unit, you will need 4 mobile posts, 8 wedges, 2 top post connectors, 2 bottom post connectors, 8 mobile traverses 32 mobile dovetails (16 A and 16 B), shelf plates for 4 shelves, 4 casters, and a mobile assembly instruction manual. Post Kit Assembly: Also, we recommend you have an additional person to assist you in assembling this shelving unit. If you look closely on the posts you will notice that the recessed design on each of the sides is different. The side with the Cambro product code label should always be facing inward. Start by attaching the wedges on the first notch of the top of the posts, one on each side. You will hear them click into place. Now repeat the same on the second post. We will then attach the top post connector. The top post connector is solid on top. The bottom post connector is open on both sides. We will use only the top post connector for this part of the assembly so we will set the bottom post connector aside for now. Next, attach the top post connector to the posts, over the wedge on each end. Using your rubber mallet, gently tap on each end until the top post connector is set into place. Do not tap on the center. Next, we will install the bottom post connector. The bottom post connector is open on both ends. Push the bottom post connector a few notches to give you enough room to insert the bottom wedges. Now we will attach the bottom wedges and bottom post connector. For mobile units, it is important that the bottom post connector is installed on the first notch from the bottom. This helps provide better stabilization. Now repeat the same on the second post. We have just assembled a mobile post kit. Now repeat the same instructions to assemble your second post kit. Installing Mobile Dovetails: Now that you have assembled your two post kits, it is time to install the mobile dovetails and mobile traverses. Take a set of mobile dovetails, one A and one B dovetail. The A dovetail is always in your right hand, and the B dovetail is always in the left. You will notice how these two connect together. Posts come standard with notches every 4 inches for custom shelf spacing depending on your storage needs. Starting from the bottom, attach the dovetails onto the post. To make it easier, install one dovetail at a time. Locate the dovetail placement notch and angle the dovetail. Installing Mobile Traverses: We will now install the mobile traverses onto the Elements mobile unit. You will notice that the traverse end pieces that attach to the post are labeled A on one end and B on the other end. The A side of the traverse will always be on your right side and the B on your left side. Attach the traverse by inserting the wrap around traverse end piece onto the post. Using your rubber mallet, tap gently on either end so the traverse lies evenly in each side. Continue to do this until the traverse end piece is attached all the way onto the mobile dovetail on both sides. Do not hit the center of the traverse with the mallet. Now install the dovetails on the opposite posts and repeat the same instructions on the other end. Determine the position where you want your next shelf to be placed. We will repeat the same instructions for each of the levels until all the dovetails and traverses are attached. Now that we have installed all the dovetail and traverses, it is time to set in the casters. Turn the unit onto its side and simply screw in the casters, making sure they are securely screwed in. Stand the unit up in vertical position and complete the assembly by adding the shelf plates. There you have it, we have just assembled a Camshelving® Elements Series mobile unit.

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Assembling Camshelving® units is a breeze! Watch this video to get easy step-by-step instructions on how to assemble a Camshelving® Elements Series mobile starter unit.

Cambro Camshelving® Elements Series

Cambro Camshelving® Elements Series

In our dry store room Cambro Elements makes sense just because of the heavy-duty aspect of the shelving units itself. You know, we've had wire shelving here previously, and over time, it just starts to bow. The Elements heavy duty line, it just doesn't bow. It's very sturdy, the durability is incredible. When health inspectors come in here now they actually love it, just because of the fact that they don't spend as much time. Before, especially with older equipment, they have to constantly sit there and tell you about rust, how you need to re-coat it, you need to throw it away, you need to replace it. Here, it's just the fact that everything looks brand new. These are really easy to lift up and actually just put through the dish machine if it's not a quick wipe. Otherwise we'll just wipe it down. The shelving unit itself is very durable. It has no real visible signs of real use. But we're using it every day, by every department, and it just lasts.

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Cambro Elements Series shelving is the durable choice for your storage needs. See what a difference these shelving units can make in your business.

Cambro Camshelving® Cleaning

Cambro Camshelving® Cleaning

Proper sanitation and cleaning of food storage areas and shelving is extremely important in preventing food born illness. The strong composite material in Cambro's Camshelving® Elements was designed to not only withstand the toughest environments, it was also designed to be easily cleaned. The shelf plates on Elements are very easy to clean. They can be easily removed, washed individually, or placed in an open end Camrack and washed in a commercial dishwasher. All this, without having to disassemble the entire shelving unit. The smooth polypropylene can also be easily and quickly wiped clean. These removable shelf plate contribute to food safety by helping to protect against spills that can cause cross contamination. Shelf plates on Elements are embedded with Camguard antimicrobial so it will not scrape off, wash off, or wear out. Camguard is a silver ion technology that inhibits the growth of mold, fungus, and bacteria. Camguard works continuously to suppress the growth of microbes between cleanings. With Elements it is very easy to clean the floor and walls behind the shelving unit by simply removing the shelf plates. With wire shelving employees have to spend additional time manually cleaning to ensure that all food waste and particles are completely scrubbed off. The grooves and ridges make wire shelving very difficult to clean, this results in wasted labor. You can count on Camshelving® Elements Series by Cambro for a stronger, easy to clean, and non-corrosive shelving solution. Thanks for watching, stay tuned to discover more features of Camshelving® Elements series.

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Camshelving® units boast an easy-to clean design. Save on time, money, and resources with this shelving solution.

Cambro Camshelving® Premium Series

Cambro Camshelving® Premium Series

Here at the Hilton Anaheim we do have some limitations for walk-in cooler space so the camshelving itself really helped us maximize the space that we do have. The walk-in cooler itself is a very busy place, very chaotic, that’s why having the Camshelving® itself is very important for our organization just because when they come back here they know exactly where everything is, the way everything is stored, and then they can just go out with it. The shelving unit itself has to be durable in a walk-in cooler, especially a produce box just because of the sheer weight. Before here we had wire shelving in here for quite a while and you could definitely tell over time it just starts to bow right down the middle. The importance of the Camshelving® is that it doesn’t bow; it lasts and is very durable. It’s one of the most sturdiest shelving units I’ve ever worked with.

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Looking for a durable shelving unit for your foodservice operation? Check out Cambro’s Camshelving® Premium Series! These shelves won’t bow under heavy weight, which makes them long-lasting and reliable.

Cambro Camshelving®: Overview

Cambro Camshelving®: Overview

My passion for cooking actually came while I was in high school, when I was 13 years old. Had an executive chef who used to be a former Walt Disney World chef and he really got me into falling in love with ingredients and falling in love with the food. I love following recipes, I love creating things from recipes, but the real passion came when I was able to create whatever I wanted too. Efficiency and organization is the backbone of any successful operation. Without it, you aren’t going to succeed in what you do. The biggest challenge in running an operation of this size is really just creating efficiency and productivity. The impact of not having the right equipment is extremely visible. Having a dependable product that you rely on, that’s something we look deeply into to make sure we have the right solution to our business needs. This is the biggest hotel I’ve worked at in my career, ya know, and in terms of coverage, it’s really high. That’s where the organization is important. With this particular hotel, everything was sitting on a shelf at one point or another, and if we didn’t have that type of organization and that kind of space utilization with our shelving units, we wouldn’t be able to effectively service our guests. That’s where the Cambro shelving line really helped us in our operation become more efficient. Working with Cambro they actually came in, measured out the room, and made custom pieces to fit the entire room so that I could use the entire scope of the storage area. The problem with wire shelving is you know the rust is probably the biggest thing, you know, you get into operations where you are throwing away a ton of scrap metal and things like that into a trashcan. To have the Camshelving® itself, I’m not throwing anything away. Moving to the Cambro solution, we’ve been able to really maximize our team in getting a much more sterile environment, I would say that everything needs to have a place, and the Cambro shelving really helps provide that solution for us, which creates efficiency back-of-the-house which trickles down to impact our team that’s on the floor working face-to-face with the guests. The Cambro brand is important to me just because of the fact that it just really means quality, um, and durability, and, ya know, Cambro really stands behind their product. I take a lot of pride in what I do, and to see my kitchen running smoothly and efficiently is probably, you know, the one of the most important things for me.

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Keeping an organized kitchen is one of the key things in maintaining efficiency and productivity - that’s why you need Cambro Camshelving®! Durable and rust-resistant, Camshelving® is the perfect solution for your busy kitchen.

Cambro CS2111S480 Specs
Length 11 Inches
Width 21 Inches
Capacity 800 lb.
Dishwasher Safe Yes
Individual Shelf Capacity 800 lb.
Made in America Yes
Material Composite
NSF Listed Yes
Product Line Cambro Camshelving® Elements

Cambro Camshelving® Premium
Style Solid
Type Shelf Plates

Cambro CS2111S480 Details

As a component of the renowned Premium and Elements series, this Cambro CS2111S480 21" x 11" solid shelf plate is an integral part of your shelving system. Great for all of your medium to heavy-duty storage needs, this shelf plate comes in the highest-quality and with all of the features you expect in a Camshelving® product! It is made from a durable composite material that is as strong as steel but weighs 60% less and is easier to set up, clean, and maintain. Featuring a lifetime warranty against rust and corrosion, this unit is guaranteed not to rust, corrode, or peel, even when used in wet, dry, hot, or cold areas. The solid design smaller items while containing leaks and spills, and can withstand temperatures as low as -36 degrees Fahrenheit and as high as 190 degrees Fahrenheit without breaking down.

This shelf plate is designed to combine with other shelf plates, traverses, and post kits (sold separately) to create a sanitary, easy-to-clean storage environment that can support up to 800 lb. per shelf. When assembled, the shelf can easily be adjusted up and down in 4" increments, even when the unit is fully assembled, so that you can change the shelf configuration without the hassle of taking the unit apart.

Overall Dimensions:
Length: 11"
Width: 21"

Because this item is not stocked in our warehouse, processing, transit times and stock availability will vary. If you need your items by a certain date, please contact us prior to placing your order. Expedited shipping availability may vary. We cannot guarantee that this item can be cancelled off of the order or returned once it is placed.

  • NSF Listed

    NSF Listed

    This item meets the standards imposed by NSF International, which focuses on public safety, health, and the environment.

  • Made in America

    Made in America

    This item was made in the United States of America.

  • Dishwasher Safe

    Dishwasher Safe

    This item can safely be cleaned in a commercial dishwasher.

  • StoreSafe


    This item has been designed to help foodservice operators meet critical food safety guidelines.

Compatible Models

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Cambro CPU215464V5480
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Cambro CPU215464S4480
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Cambro CPU214872V5480
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Cambro CPU214872S4480
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Cambro CPU214864V5480
Cambro CPU214864V4480
Cambro CPU214864S4480
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Cambro CPU214284V5PKG
Cambro CPU214284V4PKG
Cambro CPU214284S5PKG
Cambro CPU214284S4PKG
Cambro CPU214284VS5PKG
Cambro CPU214284VS4PKG
Cambro CPU214272V5480
Cambro CPU214272V4480
Cambro CPU214272S4480
Cambro CPU214272VS4480
Cambro CPU214264V5480
Cambro CPU214264V4480
Cambro CPU214264S4480
Cambro CPU214264VS4480
Cambro CPU213684V5PKG
Cambro CPU213684V4PKG
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Cambro CPU213672V5480
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Cambro CPU213672S4480
Cambro CPU213672VS4480
Cambro CPU213664V5480
Cambro CPU213664V4480
Cambro CPU213664S4480
Cambro CPU213664VS4480
Cambro CPU213084V5PKG
Cambro CPU213084V4PKG
Cambro CPU213084S5PKG
Cambro CPU213084S4PKG
Cambro CPU213084VS5PKG
Cambro CPU213084VS4PKG
Cambro CPU213072V5480
Cambro CPU213072V4480
Cambro CPU213072S4480
Cambro CPU213072VS4480
Cambro CPU213064V5480
Cambro CPU213064V4480
Cambro CPU213064S4480
Cambro CPU213064VS4480
Cambro CPU212484V5PKG
Cambro CPU212484V4PKG
Cambro CPU212484S5PKG
Cambro CPU212484S4PKG
Cambro CPU212484VS5PKG
Cambro CPU212484VS4PKG
Cambro CPU212472V5480
Cambro CPU212472V4480
Cambro CPU212472S4480
Cambro CPU212472VS4480
Cambro CPU212464V5480
Cambro CPU212464V4480
Cambro CPU212464S4480
Cambro CPU212464VS4480
Cambro CPSK2172V1480
Cambro CPSK2172S1480
Cambro CPSK2160V1480
Cambro CPSK2160S1480
Cambro CPSK2154V1480
Cambro CPSK2154S1480
Cambro CPSK2148V5480
Cambro CPSK2148V4480
Cambro CPSK2148V1480
Cambro CPSK2148S5480
Cambro CPSK2148S4480
Cambro CPSK2148S1480
Cambro CPSK2148VS5480
Cambro CPSK2148VS4480
Cambro CPSK2142V5480
Cambro CPSK2142V4480
Cambro CPSK2142V1480
Cambro CPSK2142S5480
Cambro CPSK2142S4480
Cambro CPSK2142S1480
Cambro CPSK2142VS5480
Cambro CPSK2142VS4480
Cambro CPSK2136V5480
Cambro CPSK2136V4480
Cambro CPSK2136V1480
Cambro CPSK2136S5480
Cambro CPSK2136S4480
Cambro CPSK2136S1480
Cambro CPSK2136VS5480
Cambro CPSK2136VS4480
Cambro CPSK2130V1480
Cambro CPSK2130S1480
Cambro CPSK2124V1480
Cambro CPSK2124S1480
Cambro CPMU214875V5480
Cambro CPMU214875V4480
Cambro CPMU214867V5480
Cambro CPMU214867V4480
Cambro CPMU214275V5480
Cambro CPMU214275V4480
Cambro CPMU214267V5480
Cambro CPMU214267V4480
Cambro CPMU213675V5480
Cambro CPMU213675V4480
Cambro CPMU213667V5480
Cambro CPMU213667V4480
Cambro CPHU216075V4480
Cambro CPHU216075S4480
Cambro CPHU216067V4480
Cambro CPHU216067S4480
Cambro CPHU215475V4480
Cambro CPHU215475S4480
Cambro CPHU215467V4480
Cambro CPHU215467S4480
Cambro CPHU214875V4480
Cambro CPHU214875S4480
Cambro CPHU214867V4480
Cambro CPHU214867S4480
Cambro CPHU214275V4480
Cambro CPHU214275S4480
Cambro CPHU214267V4480
Cambro CPHU214267S4480
Cambro CPHU213675V4480
Cambro CPHU213675S4480
Cambro CPHU213667V4480
Cambro CPHU213667S4480
Cambro CPA217284V5PKG
Cambro CPA217284V4PKG
Cambro CPA217284S5PKG
Cambro CPA217284S4PKG
Cambro CPA217284VS5PKG
Cambro CPA217284VS4PKG
Cambro CPA217272V5PKG
Cambro CPA217272V4PKG
Cambro CPA217272S4PKG
Cambro CPA217272VS4PKG
Cambro CPA217264V5PKG
Cambro CPA217264V4PKG
Cambro CPA217264S4PKG
Cambro CPA217264VS4PKG
Cambro CPA216084V5PKG
Cambro CPA216084V4PKG
Cambro CPA216084S5PKG
Cambro CPA216084S4PKG
Cambro CPA216084VS5PKG
Cambro CPA216084VS4PKG
Cambro CPA216072V5480
Cambro CPA216072V4480
Cambro CPA216072S4480
Cambro CPA216072VS4480
Cambro CPA216064V5480
Cambro CPA216064V4480
Cambro CPA216064S4480
Cambro CPA216064VS4480
Cambro CPA215484V5PKG
Cambro CPA215484V4PKG
Cambro CPA215484S5PKG
Cambro CPA215484S4PKG
Cambro CPA215484VS5PKG
Cambro CPA215484VS4PKG
Cambro CPA215472V5480
Cambro CPA215472V4480
Cambro CPA215472S4480
Cambro CPA215472VS4480
Cambro CPA215464V5480
Cambro CPA215464V4480
Cambro CPA215464S4480
Cambro CPA215464VS4480
Cambro CPA214884V5PKG
Cambro CPA214884V4PKG
Cambro CPA214884S5PKG
Cambro CPA214884S4PKG
Cambro CPA214884VS5PKG
Cambro CPA214884VS4PKG
Cambro CPA214872V5480
Cambro CPA214872V4480
Cambro CPA214872S4480
Cambro CPA214872VS4480
Cambro CPA214864V5480
Cambro CPA214864V4480
Cambro CPA214864S4480
Cambro CPA214864VS4480
Cambro CPA214284V5PKG
Cambro CPA214284V4PKG
Cambro CPA214284S5PKG
Cambro CPA214284S4PKG
Cambro CPA214284VS5PKG
Cambro CPA214284VS4PKG
Cambro CPA214272V5480
Cambro CPA214272V4480
Cambro CPA214272S4480
Cambro CPA214272VS4480
Cambro CPA214264V5480
Cambro CPA214264V4480
Cambro CPA214264S4480
Cambro CPA214264VS4480
Cambro CPA213684V5PKG
Cambro CPA213684V4PKG
Cambro CPA213684S5PKG
Cambro CPA213684S4PKG
Cambro CPA213684VS5PKG
Cambro CPA213684VS4PKG
Cambro CPA213672V5480
Cambro CPA213672V4480
Cambro CPA213672S4480
Cambro CPA213672VS4480
Cambro CPA213664V5480
Cambro CPA213664V4480
Cambro CPA213664S4480
Cambro CPA213664VS4480
Cambro CPA213084V5PKG
Cambro CPA213084V4PKG
Cambro CPA213084S5PKG
Cambro CPA213084S4PKG
Cambro CPA213084VS5PKG
Cambro CPA213084VS4PKG
Cambro CPA213072V5480
Cambro CPA213072V4480
Cambro CPA213072S4480
Cambro CPA213072VS4480
Cambro CPA213064V5480
Cambro CPA213064V4480
Cambro CPA213064S4480
Cambro CPA213064VS4480
Cambro CPA212484V5PKG
Cambro CPA212484V4PKG
Cambro CPA212484S5PKG
Cambro CPA212484S4PKG
Cambro CPA212484VS5PKG
Cambro CPA212484VS4PKG
Cambro CPA212472V5480
Cambro CPA212472V4480
Cambro CPA212472S4480
Cambro CPA212472VS4480
Cambro CPA212464V5480
Cambro CPA212464V4480
Cambro CPA212464S4480
Cambro CPA212464VS4480
Cambro ESK2172V1580
Cambro ESK2172S1580
Cambro ESK2160V1580
Cambro ESK2160S1580
Cambro ESK2154V1580
Cambro ESK2154S1580
Cambro ESK2148V1580
Cambro ESK2148S1580
Cambro ESK2142V1580
Cambro ESK2142S1580
Cambro ESK2136V1580
Cambro ESK2136S1580
Cambro ESK2130V1580
Cambro ESK2130S1580
Cambro ESK2124V1580
Cambro ESK2124S1580
Cambro ESU217284V5580
Cambro ESU217284V4580
Cambro ESU217284S5580
Cambro ESU217284S4580
Cambro ESU217284VS5580
Cambro ESU217284VS4580
Cambro ESU217272V5580
Cambro ESU217272V4580
Cambro ESU217272S4580
Cambro ESU217272VS4580
Cambro ESU217264V5580
Cambro ESU217264V4580
Cambro ESU217264S4580
Cambro ESU217264VS4580
Cambro ESU216084V5580
Cambro ESU216084V4580
Cambro ESU216084S5580
Cambro ESU216084S4580
Cambro ESU216084VS5580
Cambro ESU216084VS4580
Cambro ESU216072V5580
Cambro ESU216072V4580
Cambro ESU216072S4580
Cambro ESU216072VS4580
Cambro ESU216064V5580
Cambro ESU216064V4580
Cambro ESU216064S4580
Cambro ESU216064VS4580
Cambro ESU215484V5580
Cambro ESU215484V4580
Cambro ESU215484S5580
Cambro ESU215484S4580
Cambro ESU215484VS5580
Cambro ESU215484VS4580
Cambro ESU215472V5580
Cambro ESU215472V4580
Cambro ESU215472S4580
Cambro ESU215472VS4580
Cambro ESU215464V5580
Cambro ESU215464V4580
Cambro ESU215464S4580
Cambro ESU215464VS4580
Cambro ESU214884V5580
Cambro ESU214884V4580
Cambro ESU214884S5580
Cambro ESU214884S4580
Cambro ESU214884VS5580
Cambro ESU214884VS4580
Cambro ESU214872V5580
Cambro ESU214872V4580
Cambro ESU214872S4580
Cambro ESU214872VS4580
Cambro ESU214864V5580
Cambro ESU214864V4580
Cambro ESU214864S4580
Cambro ESU214864VS4580
Cambro ESU214284V5580
Cambro ESU214284V4580
Cambro ESU214284S5580
Cambro ESU214284S4580
Cambro ESU214284VS5580
Cambro ESU214284VS4580
Cambro ESU214272V5580
Cambro ESU214264V4580
Cambro ESU214272S4580
Cambro ESU214272VS4580
Cambro ESU214264V5580
Cambro ESU213672V4580
Cambro ESU214264S4580
Cambro ESU214264VS4580
Cambro ESU213684V5580
Cambro ESU213684V4580
Cambro ESU213684S5580
Cambro ESU213684S4580
Cambro ESU213684VS5580
Cambro ESU213684VS4580
Cambro ESU213672V5580
Cambro ESU213672S4580
Cambro ESU213672VS4580
Cambro ESU213664V5580
Cambro ESU213664V4580
Cambro ESU213664S4580
Cambro ESU213664VS4580
Cambro ESU213084V5580
Cambro ESU213084V4580
Cambro ESU213084S5580
Cambro ESU213084S4580
Cambro ESU213084VS5580
Cambro ESU213084VS4580
Cambro ESU213072V5580
Cambro ESU213072V4580
Cambro ESU213072S4580
Cambro ESU213072VS4580
Cambro ESU213064V5580
Cambro ESU213064V4580
Cambro ESU213064S4580
Cambro ESU213064VS4580
Cambro ESU212484V5580
Cambro ESU212484V4580
Cambro ESU212484S5580
Cambro ESU212484S4580
Cambro ESU212484VS5580
Cambro ESU212484VS4580
Cambro ESU212472V5580
Cambro ESU212472V4580
Cambro ESU212472S4580
Cambro ESU212472VS4580
Cambro ESU212464V5580
Cambro ESU212464V4580
Cambro ESU212464S4580
Cambro ESU212464VS4580
Cambro ESK2148V5580
Cambro ESK2148V4580
Cambro ESK2148S5580
Cambro ESK2148S4580
Cambro ESK2148VS5580
Cambro ESK2148VS4580
Cambro ESK2142V5580
Cambro ESK2142V4580
Cambro ESK2142S5580
Cambro ESK2142S4580
Cambro ESK2142VS5580
Cambro ESK2142VS4580
Cambro ESK2136V5580
Cambro ESK2136V4580
Cambro ESK2136S5580
Cambro ESK2136S4580
Cambro ESK2136VS5580
Cambro ESK2136VS4580
Cambro EMSK2160V1580
Cambro EMSK2160S1580
Cambro EMSK2154V1580
Cambro EMSK2154S1580
Cambro EMSK2148V1580
Cambro EMSK2148S1580
Cambro EMSK2142V1580
Cambro EMSK2142S1580
Cambro EMSK2136V1580
Cambro EMSK2136S1580
Cambro ESU214272V4580
Cambro EMU216078V5580
Cambro EMU216078V4580
Cambro EMU216070V5580
Cambro EMU216070V4580
Cambro EMU215478V5580
Cambro EMU215478V4580
Cambro EMU215470V5580
Cambro EMU215470V4580
Cambro EMU214878V5580
Cambro EMU214878V4580
Cambro EMU214870V5580
Cambro EMU214870V4580
Cambro EMU214278V5580
Cambro EMU214278V4580
Cambro EMU214270V5580
Cambro EMU214270V4580
Cambro EMU213678V5580
Cambro EMU213678V4580
Cambro EMU213670V5580
Cambro EMU213670V4580
Cambro EA217284V5580
Cambro EA217284V4580
Cambro EA217284S5580
Cambro EA217284S4580
Cambro EA217284VS5580
Cambro EA217284VS4580
Cambro EA217272V5580
Cambro EA217272V4580
Cambro EA217272S4580
Cambro EA217272VS4580
Cambro EA217264V5580
Cambro EA217264V4580
Cambro EA217264S4580
Cambro EA217264VS4580
Cambro EA216084V5580
Cambro EA216084V4580
Cambro EA216084S5580
Cambro EA216084S4580
Cambro EA216084VS5580
Cambro EA216084VS4580
Cambro EA216072V5580
Cambro EA216072V4580
Cambro EA216072S4580
Cambro EA216072VS4580
Cambro EA216064V5580
Cambro EA216064V4580
Cambro EA216064S4580
Cambro EA216064VS4580
Cambro EA215484V5580
Cambro EA215484V4580
Cambro EA215484S5580
Cambro EA215484S4580
Cambro EA215484VS5580
Cambro EA215484VS4580
Cambro EA215472V5580
Cambro EA215472V4580
Cambro EA215472S4580
Cambro EA215472VS4580
Cambro EA215464V5580
Cambro EA215464V4580
Cambro EA215464S4580
Cambro EA215464VS4580
Cambro EA214884V5580
Cambro EA214884V4580
Cambro EA214884S5580
Cambro EA214884S4580
Cambro EA214884VS5580
Cambro EA214884VS4580
Cambro EA214872V5580
Cambro EA214872V4580
Cambro EA214872S4580
Cambro EA214872VS4580
Cambro EA214864V5580
Cambro EA214864V4580
Cambro EA214864S4580
Cambro EA214864VS4580
Cambro EA214284V5580
Cambro EA214284V4580
Cambro EA214284S5580
Cambro EA214284S4580
Cambro EA214284VS5580
Cambro EA214284VS4580
Cambro EA214272V5580
Cambro EA214272V4580
Cambro EA214272S4580
Cambro EA214272VS4580
Cambro EA214264V5580
Cambro EA214264V4580
Cambro EA214264S4580
Cambro EA214264VS4580
Cambro EA213684V5580
Cambro EA213684V4580
Cambro EA213684S5580
Cambro EA213684S4580
Cambro EA213684VS5580
Cambro EA213684VS4580
Cambro EA213672V5580
Cambro EA213672V4580
Cambro EA213672S4580
Cambro EA213672VS4580
Cambro EA213664V5580
Cambro EA213664V4580
Cambro EA213664S4580
Cambro EA213664VS4580
Cambro EA213084V5580
Cambro EA213084V4580
Cambro EA213084S5580
Cambro EA213084S4580
Cambro EA213084VS5580
Cambro EA213084VS4580
Cambro EA213072V5580
Cambro EA213072V4580
Cambro EA213072S4580
Cambro EA213072VS4580
Cambro EA213064V5580
Cambro EA213064V4580
Cambro EA213064S4580
Cambro EA213064VS4580
Cambro EA212484V5580
Cambro EA212484V4580
Cambro EA212484S5580
Cambro EA212484S4580
Cambro EA212484VS5580
Cambro EA212484VS4580
Cambro EA212472V5580
Cambro EA212472V4580
Cambro EA212472S4580
Cambro EA212472VS4580
Cambro EA212464V5580
Cambro EA212464V4580
Cambro EA212464S4580
Cambro EA212464VS4580
Cambro CPU215484V5PKG
Cambro CPU217272V5

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