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Chill Out! The Scoop on Summer Sno Cone Supplies

Summer is just around the corner, and with it comes longer days, hotter weather, and plenty of people looking to beat the heat by any means necessary. When done correctly, even a small sno cone stand can be a very profitable venture for two reasons; it's an affordable and tasty way for your customers to cool off, and for you, the cost of making each sno cone is remarkably low, meaning that a good portion of what you charge for each cold creation is raw profit. Whether you're thinking of starting up your own concession business or expanding your existing operation, we've got everything you need just in time for the summer season!

Sno Cone vs. Shaved Ice

There are many different types of products that don the name "sno cone" (and they come with just as many different spellings), but to sum it up, each frozen treat contains one of two types of ice. Most standard sno cone machines produce a product that is finely ground and tastes great, but contains some small chunks. Machines that make this type of ice are ideal if you're just starting to serve sno cones, since they are generally more affordable than shaved ice makers, and many come with a display case to hold the product as it's made.

For any established, high-volume concession stand that prides itself on making quality flavored ice products, a good shaved ice machine is a must-have. Shaved ice machines are typically more expensive, but they produce a super-thin type of ice that spreads the syrup more evenly through the product, and locks it in for a lush, flavorful taste.

Picking the Right Supplies

Picking the right machine, however, is only half the battle, because without a good flavor selection to go with your product, your sno cone is still just a cup of ice. We offer just about every flavor you can think of; stick to the staples like grape or orange, or try something new, like bubble gum or tiger blood. Or, if you're feeling particularly adventurous, experiment and create your own set of signature flavors to make you and your business unique! This article fromThe New York Times provides some great inspiration for wild and truly innovative takes on this frozen favorite.

And last but not least, be sure to take the time to find the right sno cone cup; we have plenty of options to suit the needs of just about any business, and we also offer many sno cone accessories to help boost productivity!

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