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Product Overview

  • Creates a tight seal for temperature retention, saving energy
  • Snap-in mount
UPC Code:400011392789

Replace the broken or worn out door gasket on select Beverage Air units with this 703-963D-02 equivalent door gasket.

With the help of this door gasket, you can ensure that your refrigerator doors close properly to keep cold air in and hot air out! Broken or worn out gaskets can lead to spoiled food and lower-energy efficiency, which leads to unwanted costs and inconveniences.

Tight Seal

For maximum energy efficiency and performance, this gasket provides a tight seal on refrigerator doors to retain proper temperatures.

Snap-In Mount

The snap-in mount makes it easy to install this gasket on your existing Beverage air unit so you can quickly and easily replace old gaskets.

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Compatible Models 

Beverage-Air SP-27
Beverage-Air SP-60
Beverage-Air SPE27-A
Beverage-Air SPE27-B
Beverage-Air SPE27-HC-B-24
Beverage-Air SPE27-SNZ
Beverage-Air SPE27HC-12M
Beverage-Air SPE27HC-12M-24-23
Beverage-Air SPE27HC-12M-B
Beverage-Air SPE27HC-12M-B-23
Beverage-Air SPE27HC-12M-B-24
Beverage-Air SPE27HC-12M-B-CL
Beverage-Air SPE27HC-12M-B-DS
Beverage-Air SPE27HC-12M-CL
Beverage-Air SPE27HC-23
Beverage-Air SPE27HC-24
Beverage-Air SPE27HC-24-23
Beverage-Air SPE27HC-B-23
Beverage-Air SPE27HC-B-24-23
Beverage-Air SPE27HC-B-CL
Beverage-Air SPE27HC-C
Beverage-Air SPE27HC-C-B
Beverage-Air SPE27HC-C-B-24
Beverage-Air SPE27HC-C-B-CL
Beverage-Air SPE27HC-C-CL
Beverage-Air SPE27HC-CL
Beverage-Air SPE60-08
Beverage-Air SPE60-08C
Beverage-Air SPE60-10
Beverage-Air SPE60-10C
Beverage-Air SPE60-12
Beverage-Air SPE60-12C
Beverage-Air SPE60-12M
Beverage-Air SPE60-16
Beverage-Air SPE60-16C
Beverage-Air SPE60-18M
Beverage-Air SPE60-24M
Beverage-Air SPE60-24M-DS
Beverage-Air SPE60-24M-STL
Beverage-Air SPE60HC-08
Beverage-Air SPE60HC-08-23
Beverage-Air SPE60HC-08-CL
Beverage-Air SPE60HC-08C
Beverage-Air SPE60HC-08C-CL
Beverage-Air SPE60HC-10
Beverage-Air SPE60HC-10-CL
Beverage-Air SPE60HC-10C
Beverage-Air SPE60HC-10C-CL
Beverage-Air SPE60HC-12
Beverage-Air SPE60HC-12-23
Beverage-Air SPE60HC-12-CL
Beverage-Air SPE60HC-12C
Beverage-Air SPE60HC-12C-CL
Beverage-Air SPE60HC-12M
Beverage-Air SPE60HC-12M-CL
Beverage-Air SPE60HC-16
Beverage-Air SPE60HC-16-23
Beverage-Air SPE60HC-16-CL
Beverage-Air SPE60HC-16C
Beverage-Air SPE60HC-16C-CL
Beverage-Air SPE60HC-18M
Beverage-Air SPE60HC-18M-CL
Beverage-Air SPE60HC-24M
Beverage-Air SPE60HC-24M-23
Beverage-Air SPE60HC-24M-ARB-1
Beverage-Air SPE60HC-24M-CL
Beverage-Air SPE60HC-24M-DS
Beverage-Air SPE60HC-24M-DS-ARB-1
Beverage-Air SPE60HC-24M-STL
Beverage-Air SPE60HC-24M-STL-018
Beverage-Air SPE60HC-24M-STL-23
Beverage-Air SUR-27
Beverage-Air SUR-60
Beverage-Air UCF-27
Beverage-Air UCF-60
Beverage-Air UCF27
Beverage-Air UCF27
Beverage-Air UCF27A
Beverage-Air UCF27AHC
Beverage-Air UCF27AHC-23
Beverage-Air UCF27AHC-24
Beverage-Air UCF27AHC-24-23
Beverage-Air UCF27HC-24-ADA
Beverage-Air UCF27HC-ADA
Beverage-Air UCR-27
Beverage-Air UCR-60
Beverage-Air UCR27A
Beverage-Air UCR27A-25-LED
Beverage-Air UCR27AHC
Beverage-Air UCR27AHC-25
Beverage-Air UCR27AR-25-LED
Beverage-Air UCR27HC-25
Beverage-Air UCR27Y
Beverage-Air UCR27Y-25-LED
Beverage-Air UCR60A
Beverage-Air UCR60A
Beverage-Air UCR60A-25-LED
Beverage-Air UCR60AHC-23
Beverage-Air UCR60AHC-25
Beverage-Air UCR60AHC-25-ADA
Beverage-Air UCR60AHC-ADA
Beverage-Air UCR60AR-25-LED
Beverage-Air WTF-27
Beverage-Air WTF-60
Beverage-Air WTF27A
Beverage-Air WTF27AHC
Beverage-Air WTF27AHC-23
Beverage-Air WTF27AHC-24
Beverage-Air WTF27AHC-24-23
Beverage-Air WTF27AHC-FIP
Beverage-Air WTF27AHC-FIP-23
Beverage-Air WTF27AHC-FIP-24
Beverage-Air WTF27AHC-FLT-09-23
Beverage-Air WTR-27
Beverage-Air WTR-60
Beverage-Air WTR27A
Beverage-Air WTR27A-25-LED
Beverage-Air WTR27AHC
Beverage-Air WTR27AHC-23
Beverage-Air WTR27AHC-24
Beverage-Air WTR27AHC-24-23
Beverage-Air WTR27AHC-25
Beverage-Air WTR27AHC-FIP
Beverage-Air WTR27AHC-FLT-09-23
Beverage-Air WTR27AR-25-LED
Beverage-Air WTR60A
Beverage-Air WTR60A-25-LED
Beverage-Air WTR60AHC-23
Beverage-Air WTR60AHC-25
Beverage-Air WTR60AHC-FIP
Beverage-Air WTR60AHC-FLT
Beverage-Air WTR60AHC-FLT-23
Beverage-Air WTR60AR-25-LED

Equivalent Items 

AllPoints 74-1002
Beverage-Air 703-963D-02

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