Bambu 062100 3 1/2 inch Disposable Bamboo Spork - 250/CaseBambu 062100 3 1/2 inch Disposable Bamboo Spork - 250/Case


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If you’re searching for a versatile utensil, these compostable sporks are a great option. Not only can these products serve the purpose of both a spoon and a fork, but they are also made of biodegradable materials that are more eco-friendly than many other kinds of disposable materials. Additionally, these products are a great addition to your collection of compostable serveware. To find related products, check out our biodegradable dinnerware, eco-friendly take-out containers, and compostable trash can liners. If you're wondering where to buy compostable and biodegradable sporks, we have a large selection of compostable and biodegradable sporks for sale at the lowest prices.