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  • 330 lb. weight limit per wheel
  • Heavy duty black rubber construction
  • Sturdy steel struts
  • Makes moving carts around your commercial kitchen effortless
  • Raises height of unit by 6"
UPC Code:460EC26.
Shipping:Usually Ships In 1 Business Day
Regency Space Solutions EC-26 Specs
Diameter5 Inches
Height Increase6 Inches
Application Mobile Storage and Tables / Stands
Capacity330 lb.
Caster Type Stem
Features Brakes Included
Material Polyurethane
Number of Casters4
Type Casters

Regency Space Solutions EC-26 Details

Heavy duty construction with sturdy steel struts, this pack of four 5" polyurethane casters is designed to make rolling carts easier than ever before. A 330 lb. weight limit per caster allows for versatility in your commercial kitchen. This item is intended for use with the appropriate mobile shelving unit.

Overall Dimensions:
Diameter: 5"

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Regency Space Solutions EC-26

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Warranty Info

RESIDENTIAL USERS: Vendor assumes no liability for parts or labor coverage for component failure or other damages resulting from installation in non-commercial or residential applications. Your warranty will be voided if installed in non-commercial or residential applications.

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Overall User Rating:

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4.7 stars from 37 reviews


People Talk About:

casters wheels shelving easy great shelf roll bought lock move

Customer Reviews

2 out of 2 found this review helpful

5" Polyurethane Stem Shelving Casters - 4/Set these are the best the black ones leave scuffs so don't cheap out but these instead avoid the black ones

Juanell P. from Powerquee Media on 12/10/2016
1 out of 1 found this review helpful

Large smooth wheels. Bumps are no issue. Literally smooth sailing in your apartment or kitchen or moving stuff out when you are moving our your apartment!

Aaron P. on 02/03/2021
1 out of 1 found this review helpful

These are a great addition and well worth the cost. The rubber makes the wheels quiet, no marking on the floor, and a smooth roll. Plus, less pain when I stub my toe on the !

Charlotte H. on 11/14/2020
1 out of 1 found this review helpful

These 5" polyurethane stem shelving casters are the perfect addition to turn your regency shelf and mobile shelving posts into a shelf on wheels! Makes loading up my walk in much easier!

Austin A. on 05/28/2018
1 out of 1 found this review helpful

In my kitchen space is at a premium. These casters are extremely durable and can handle an amazing amount of weight. I put them on an 8 foot tall metro rack that I have to move around occasionally that has very heavy items on it. They handle all of the weight they never stick they roll smoothly they lock in place and are very worth the money.

Gabriel F. from Dine In on 07/19/2017
1 out of 1 found this review helpful

These casters are very well-built. The polyurethane is not a cheap quality one. I bought some shelving and they fit just perfect. I would highly recommend this product

Gianni V. on 08/29/2016
1 out of 1 found this review helpful

We ordered these casters for an existing shelving unit we had. They make it so much easier to clean under the shelf and are well worth the extra investment.

Emily F. on 08/26/2016
1 out of 1 found this review helpful

Wheels are a needed thing to clean properly without breaking our backs moving these shelves. They are priced rais, wheel sets are just expensive. One star off because they are kind of hard to install

Eric H. on 03/15/2016
1 out of 1 found this review helpful

Taking time to put all of our shelving units in these casters was the best decision I could have ever made. They made moving things out and cleaning a breeze!!!

Trish M. on 01/27/2016
1 out of 1 found this review helpful

Was considering the cheaper casters, but good thing I decided to pay a bit extra and get the good stuff. These casters are by far my favorite. They don't leave marks on the floor like the other plastic casters do.

Artur A. from Vamcomplex USA on 11/30/2015

I'm always a little hesitant to buy Regency products because I find them very hit or miss. These wheels are definitely a miss for me. The wheels themselves roll easily enough and seem sturdy, but the locks are just terrible. It's hard to get them to fully lock, and whatever I try to lock in place does not stay where it's supposed to and I inevitably end up having to re-adjust the placement about once a week.

Sheera D. on 07/19/2022

Thank you for your feedback! We’re sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.

WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

These are great replacement wheels for any type of shelf that you may have in your establishment. They are quite sturdy and are easy to install.

Kevin T. on 05/25/2021

I repurchased these items because I was pleased with the first set I bought. This set was more expensive and of inferior quality. One of the wheel locks is frozen in place. did you start buying from a new supplier?? I am not please with this purchase and will this twice before recommending your website to anyone again without warning them of the unreliable quality of your products.

Andrew K. from Andy Krish Productions on 03/16/2021

Thank you for your review, andrew! We are sorry this Regency 5 inch Polyurethane Stem Shelving Casters - 4/Set has not worked well for you. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you soon!

WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

Purchased to replace the worn out and rusted on wheels from our prexisting metro shelf, these fit nicely. They roll smoothly and installation of them (once the old ones were off) was easy.

Linda D. from Buffalo Lake Camping Resort on 12/29/2020

We have multiple shelving units with these wheels on the. Never had a broken wheel and they fit well and well made. The wheels don't scuff the floors when we take them to parties or events. I do wish that all the wheels had locking mechanisms on them to make it feel more secure when being used for storage.

Ben N. from Zelda's Catering on 09/13/2020

These wheels are fantastic. They are really durable, easy to use and install. It is easy to put the brake on and off with your foot. I love how modular this whole system is to be able to build exactly what I needed for any space.

Kendal S. from Sager Family Farm on 05/20/2020

I have purchased SEVERAL wire shelving sets and used these wheels on all of them. They are easy to install, don't leave marks on the floor, and lock easily. When anyone asks, I give them the information on this company. If an order gets lost, or the wrong shelf is sent, they make it right as quickly as possible. The lost wheels (got lost in the warehouse) were promptly reordered and I got it quickly. Customer service was right there and reassured me the entire time. I really love this outfit!!!

Lacelle H. from Retired on 04/21/2020

These casters are good, we have them installed on a wire rack that holds dry goods and it works great. The brakes hold the rack in place and keep it from moving as we are grabbing things from the shelf.

Mihir P. from Pizzeria on 02/18/2020

We put these wheels on every shelving unit we order. They are great and sturdy. Have had no problems at all with them. We put everything on wheels so it's easier to pull out and clean each day

Abigail P. from The Purple Monkey on 09/20/2018

These are the heavy duty casters I have replaced the "5" Rubber Swivel Stem Shelving Casters - 4/Set" with. The rubber casters caved under the weight of some 500 lbs of steak. So much so the material was pressed downward into the ground and deformed. These have held up thus far. We've learned to spend the extra $$$ on casters. Worth the extra cost unless you need light duty casters for light boxes, etc in storage. For the kitchen and commercial spaces, buy heavy duty. These are highly recommended.

Jose J. from Big Wig Tacos & Burritos on 03/01/2018

These wheels move great. We haven't had a problem with them locking up. They move really well for having so much weight on them. They are a great value for the price!

Ted C. from Laramie Soup Kitchen on 02/02/2018

These wheels work great on our shelving units. They fit perfectly and make moving each shelf much easier for cleaning and re-arranging purposes. Would recommend.

Michael F. from Amish Market Square on 11/05/2017

These casters roll fine and seem sturdy enough for the weight rating they have. The issue with them is that the brakes are not as easy as they should be to turn on and off. Rather than lock into place, you're never totally sure if they brake is fully on or off. If you can find similar casters for a couple bucks more and need them for constant use, I'd look somewhere else.

David N. on 11/01/2017

Thank you for your feedback, David! We are sorry your casters were damaged; your account has been credited!

WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

These things are huge! I purchased these over the Rubber ones as polyurethane wheels are able to withstand running over sharp or rough material than rubber. They also have a better wear life than rubber. In addition to these benefits, these casters come with breaks on 2 of the 4 wheels. Installing them was simple enough and removing them isn't very difficult. So far, these have withstood some solvent that i spilled near them and work well for my tool bench.

Patrick M. on 10/24/2017

These 5" casters are made of polyurethane and come complete with brakes. They fit into hollow wire metro shelving posts and swivel in all directions.

Liz J. from Freedman's on 09/20/2017

An employee stepped on the edge of the shelf and one of the tires gave in. Luckily, I had bought back up casters. The caster itself moves very smoothly and easy to install. However, one of them was not as well made and does not stay in unless upright,

Takuya Y. on 04/28/2017

These casters are very heavy duty!! They work on any pipe systems to make shelves mobile. They have brakes system so when you don't want them to move!!

Anthony J. from DT HOTEL on 03/23/2017

I love having casters on things. Even if you don't think you will move them around loaded up, its good to have them mobile if you need them. These were larger than I was used to. The previous wire shelving non-commercial units I've put together used the casters that thread into the post. These are better quality. You can tell these are substantial, with the thick metal stem that snaps into the shelving post. The 5 inch casters makes it easy to roll around. You just have to make sure that you factor in the size of the casters with the height of the post to make sure you stay within the height limitations. I didn't have any problems installing them.

Jason M. on 08/19/2016

These casters are seriously heavy duty! They were simple to install. You just need to push them in with a little "elbow grease" and seem extremely secure. They roll smoothly on our tiled floor and lock when needed. A very nice addition to a shelving unit we purchased that needs to be mobile. Hopefully these will stand the test of time in our very busy kitchen.

Food S. from YMCA Camp Ockanickon, Inc. on 03/05/2016

I like having the stopper on them. These are a very strong and nice set of casters. I use them all day with my carts and they don't break down at all.

Susanne K. from NY PIZZA PIE LLC. on 02/15/2016

Very nice wheels. Bought 2 sets, and both are in use. Will most likely purchase again. Fits the standard shelving poles we have on hand.

Laura C. from Jesus People USA Kitchen Office on 09/25/2015

I wish we would have used these casters for all the shelving around our shop. I use to think it was a waste of money to buy them. Once I got a set it made cleaning so easy. I bought them before and plan on buying them again.

Curtis C. from Uncle Tony's Pizza on 07/10/2015

I bought this set of casters for my Regency Shelving unit and I love them. It makes cleaning so easy. I just painted my kitchen cabinets and moving this shelve was really easy!!!

Iliana J. from Iliana on 05/07/2015

Love these casters, in our facility the wheels are the first items to be replaced after a year of hard wear and tear they are great for the price.

Brick C. from Rochester Institute Of Technology on 07/28/2014

Great heavy duty casters at a great price. We use these for our wire shelving units in our cafe. Makes things much easier to be able to move them out of the way for cleaning purposes.

Daniel P. from Green Market Natural Foods on 06/19/2013

These casters are great! We purchased many epoxy shelving units, and we bought a set of casters for each one. Being able to move things easily for cleaning is a real time saver. And, these are less expensive than many others.

Debbie G. from JD's on 03/24/2013

These casters work great. The locks are very easy to lock and unlock. Just use your foot. The wheels are nice and wide an roll smooth.

Linda M. from Out Of This World on 02/02/2013

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