• 36" long
  • 2 leads
  • 250-750 millivolt
  • 2 1/8" bulb
UPC Code:400010469338
Shipping:Usually Ships in 2-3 Business Days
Type Electronic Parts


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Is this part something I can install myself?
This item should be installed by a qualified service technician with the proper training necessary to install this part.
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Use this thermopile to measure the radiant heat of your unit. This 2 lead thermopile is 36" long and will operate at 250-750 millivolts.

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Compatible Models 

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Southbend 4241C
Southbend 4241E
Southbend 4361A
Southbend 4361A-1G
Southbend 4361A-2C
Southbend 4361A-2G-T
Southbend 4361C
Southbend 4361C-1G
Southbend 4361C-2C
Southbend 4361C-2G-T
Southbend 4361D
Southbend 4361D-1G
Southbend 4361D-2C
Southbend 4361D-2G-T
Southbend 4361R 4362A
Southbend 4362A-2C
Southbend 4362C
Southbend 4362C-2C
Southbend 4362D
Southbend 4362D-2C
Southbend 4362R
Southbend 4363A
Southbend 4363C
Southbend 4363D
Southbend 4363R
Southbend 4364A
Southbend 4364C
Southbend 4364D
Southbend 4364R
Southbend 4365A
Southbend 4365C
Southbend 4365D
Southbend 4365R
Southbend 4366A
Southbend 4366C
Southbend 4366D
Southbend 4366R
Southbend 4367A
Southbend 4367C
Southbend 4367D
Southbend 4367R
Southbend 436A-3C
Southbend 436A-3G-T
Southbend 436C-3C
Southbend 436C-3G-T
Southbend 436D-3C
Southbend 436D-3G-T
Southbend 4481AC
Southbend 4481AC-2C
Southbend 4481AC-2G-T
Southbend 4481AC-3G-T
Southbend 4481DC
Southbend 4481DC-2C
Southbend 4481DC-2G-T
Southbend 4481DC-3G-T
Southbend 4481EE
Southbend 4481EE-2C
Southbend 4481EE-2G-T
Southbend 4481EE-3G-T
Southbend 4482AC-3C
Southbend 4482DC-3C
Southbend 4482EE-3C
Southbend 448AC-4G-T
Southbend 448DC-4G-T
Southbend 448EE-4G-T
Southbend 4601AA
Southbend 4601AA-2C
Southbend 4601AA-2G-T
Southbend 4601AA-2RR
Southbend 4601AA-3G-T
Southbend 4601AA-4G-T
Southbend 4601AA-5L
Southbend 4601AA-6L
Southbend 4601AA-7L
Southbend 4601AC
Southbend 4601AC-2C
Southbend 4601AC-2G-T
Southbend 4601AC-2RR
Southbend 4601AC-3G-T
Southbend 4601AC-4G-T
Southbend 4601AC-5L
Southbend 4601AC-6L
Southbend 4601AC-7L
Southbend 4601AD
Southbend 4601AD-2C
Southbend 4601AD-2G-T
Southbend 4601AD-2RR
Southbend 4601AD-3G-T
Southbend 4601AD-4G-T
Southbend 4601AD-5L
Southbend 4601AD-6L
Southbend 4601AD-7L
Southbend 4601CC
Southbend 4601CC-2C
Southbend 4601CC-2G-T
Southbend 4601CC-2RR
Southbend 4601CC-3G-T
Southbend 4601CC-4G-T
Southbend 4601CC-5L
Southbend 4601CC-6L
Southbend 4601CC-7L
Southbend 4601DC
Southbend 4601DC-2C
Southbend 4601DC-2G-T
Southbend 4601DC-2RR
Southbend 4601DC-3G-T
Southbend 4601DC-4G-T
Southbend 4601DC-5L
Southbend 4601DC-6L
Southbend 4601DC-7L
Southbend 4601DD
Southbend 4601DD-2C
Southbend 4601DD-2G-T
Southbend 4601DD-2RR
Southbend 4601DD-3G-T
Southbend 4601DD-4G-T
Southbend 4601DD-5L
Southbend 4601DD-6L
Southbend 4601DD-7L
Southbend 4602AA-2C
Southbend 4602AC-2C
Southbend 4602AD-2C
Southbend 4602CC-2C
Southbend 4602DC-2C
Southbend 4602DD-2C
Southbend 4605AA-2C
Southbend 4605AC-2C
Southbend 4605AD-2C
Southbend 4605CC-2C
Southbend 4605DC-2C
Southbend 4605DD-2C
Southbend 4606AA-2C
Southbend 4606AA-2G-T
Southbend 4606AC-2C
Southbend 4606AC-2G-T
Southbend 4606AD-2C
Southbend 4606AD-2G-T
Southbend 4606CC-2C
Southbend 4606CC-2G-T
Southbend 4606DC-2C
Southbend 4606DC-2G-T
Southbend 4606DD-2C
Southbend 4606DD-2G-T
Southbend 4607AA-2C
Southbend 4607AA-2G-T
Southbend 4607AC-2C
Southbend 4607AC-2G-T
Southbend 4607AD-2C
Southbend 4607AD-2G-T
Southbend 4607CC-2C
Southbend 4607CC-2G-T
Southbend 4607DC-2C
Southbend 4607DC-2G-T
Southbend 4607DD-2C
Southbend 4607DD-2G-T
Southbend 4FR-45
Southbend GFS35
Southbend GFS45
Southbend GFS65
Southbend H4361A
Southbend H4361A-1G
Southbend H4361A-2G-T
Southbend H4361D
Southbend H4361D-1G
Southbend H4361D-2G-T
Southbend H4362A
Southbend H4362D
Southbend H4363A
Southbend H4363D
Southbend H4364A
Southbend H4364D
Southbend H4365A
Southbend H4365D
Southbend H4366A
Southbend H4366D
Southbend H4367A
Southbend H4367D
Southbend H436A-3G-T
Southbend H436D-3G-T
Southbend P16-FR45
Southbend S24C
Southbend S24E
Southbend S36A
Southbend S36A-1G
Southbend S36A-2G-T
Southbend S36A-3G-T
Southbend S36C
Southbend S36C-1G
Southbend S36C-2G-T
Southbend S36C-3G-T
Southbend S36D
Southbend S36D-1G
Southbend S36D-2G-T
Southbend S36D-3G-T
Southbend S48AC
Southbend S48AC-2G-T
Southbend S48AC-3G-T
Southbend S48AC-4G-T
Southbend S48DC
Southbend S48DC-2G-T
Southbend S48DC-3G-T
Southbend S48DC-4G-T
Southbend S48EE
Southbend S48EE-2G-T
Southbend S48EE-3G-T
Southbend S48EE-4G-T
Southbend S60AA
Southbend S60AA-2G-T
Southbend S60AA-2RR
Southbend S60AA-3G-T
Southbend S60AC
Southbend S60AC-2G-T
Southbend S60AC-2RR
Southbend S60AC-3G-T
Southbend S60AC-4G-T
Southbend S60AD
Southbend S60AD-2G-T
Southbend S60AD-2RR
Southbend S60AD-3G-T
Southbend S60AD-4G-T
Southbend S60CC
Southbend S60CC-2G-T
Southbend S60CC-2RR
Southbend S60CC-3G-T
Southbend S60CC-4G-T
Southbend S60DC
Southbend S60DC-2G-T
Southbend S60DC-2RR
Southbend S60DC-3G-T
Southbend S60DC-4G-T
Southbend S60DD
Southbend S60DD-2G-T
Southbend S60DD-2RR
Southbend S60DD-3G-T
Star 404A
Star 404D
Star 404F
Star 615F
Star 615FD
Star 630F
Star 630FD
Star 630FF
Star WG2424G
Star WG2436G
Star WG3036G
Star WG3048G
Vulcan 1GR45M
Vulcan 1GR65M
Vulcan 1GR85M
Vulcan 1GRC35
Vulcan 1GRC45
Vulcan 1GRC65
Vulcan 1GRD45
Vulcan 1GRD65
Vulcan 1GRS35
Vulcan 1GRS45
Vulcan 1GRS65
Vulcan 3GR45MF
Vulcan EF3
Vulcan EF4
Vulcan EF5
Vulcan GR35
Vulcan GR35F
Vulcan GR45
Vulcan GR45F
Vulcan GR65
Vulcan GR65F
Vulcan GR85
Vulcan GR85F
Vulcan GRC35F
Vulcan GRC45F
Vulcan GRC65F
Vulcan GRC85F
Vulcan GRD35F
Vulcan GRD45F
Vulcan GRD65F
Vulcan GRD85F
Vulcan GRS35F
Vulcan GRS45F
Vulcan GRS65F
Vulcan GRS85F

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5.0 stars from 1 review


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better fast fryer least safe wears working

Customer Reviews


Very good product but wears out fast but its good enough for me at least i have a working fryer it better safe then sorry

Josue H. on 11/02/2019

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