Wooden Bowls

Create a natural tabletop by using wooden bowls for pasta and salads.

Wooden Plates

Wooden plates lend a warm, rustic appeal to your tabletop display.

Wooden Serving and Display Platters / Trays

Using wooden serving and display platters helps design a naturally refined presentation.

Wooden tableware is the perfect choice for making your guests feel immediately welcomed and at ease. This informal dinnerware features a woven wooden design that’s been sealed, so it doesn’t warp or absorb water during use or washes. Available in several different types and sizes, this wooden dinnerware is sure to be a hit at any casual restaurant or outdoor event. For more products that you can use to create a comfortable atmosphere, take a look at our taper candles, cloth napkins, and cloth table covers.

Wooden Dinnerware Adds a Rustic, Natural Look to Your Tabletop

With wooden dinnerware, you can create a warm, friendly atmosphere for your establishment. These all-purpose wooden dishes can be used to serve bread, salad, soup, main entrees, or desserts at any time. Perfect for lodges, restaurants, diners, and outdoor events, this wooden tableware can be used to make any environment more welcoming.

We carry several different types of wooden dinnerware to best meet the needs of your establishment. Choose from a wide range of sizes to best suit your purposes. Large wooden bowls are perfect for serving fruit or vegetables at a breakfast bar or buffet, while smaller plates and bowls can be used to dole out sides of soup or salad at dinnertime.