Paper Bags with Handles

Paper bags with handles are a versatile bagging solution for gift shop purchases, food deliveries, and to-go items.

Wax Paper Bags

Wax paper bags are a staple for restaurants, food trucks, and concession stands.

Wax Paper Bags

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Paper Food Bags

Our variety of food-grade bags is ideal for any kitchen to store and transport food, assist with food preparation, and ensure that food items maintain freshness.

Paper Retail Bags

Any convenience store, supermarket, or retail store will appreciate the durability and versatility of these retail bags to carry home purchases.

Special treats like fresh bread and deli sandwiches always seem more appetizing when they’re packaged in a small, neat paper bag. We have a kraft paper bag for every kind of product you sell, whether it’s a fresh dill pickle from the barrel or a grilled hot dog off the roller. Don't forget to browse our custom coffee bags and custom shopping bagsto add your logo on any bag!

Securely Package Grocery and Retail Items with Wholesale Paper Bags

The paper bag you use to package your customers’ items gives you one last chance to make an impression on them when they leave your store. Make sure you stock quality shopping bags that are easy to carry and won’t rip or tear, even if they’re stuffed with too many groceries. Picking the right bag is important for your carryout business too. Food orders won’t shift or spill in a paper bag that’s the right size and shape.

More customers are requesting paper bags over plastic bags because they want to make the eco-friendly choice. Paper grocery bags and shopping bags are easy to recycle, compost, or repurpose, and customers like that. If they forget to bring their reusable shopping bags, they’ll probably request paper over plastic. You can be ready for that by keeping paper bags at all your checkout stations.