Choice Wrought Iron Paper Towel Holder - 6 inch x 12 inchChoice Wrought Iron Paper Towel Holder - 6 inch x 12 inch


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You can use bar caddy napkin holders for more than just napkins. Store utensils at a catered event or coffee sleeves at a cafe, or keep extra plates and bowls at a service station in a restaurant or small buffet. Some of these products have multiple compartments to meet those needs and keep your facility organized. With so many color, material, size, and configuration options available, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for. For other products to keep your restaurant organized, take a look at our ingredient bins, food storage containers, and dry food dispensers. If you're wondering where to buy choice plate and napkin holders, we have a large selection of choice plate and napkin holders for sale at the lowest prices.