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Goo Gone: Goo and Adhesive Remover
Goo Gone: Goo and Adhesive Remover

For unpleasant messes like crayon and glue, try Goo Gone spray gel and Goo Gone goo and adhesive remover! One simple spritz and your messes just wipe away!

Waring Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine
Waring Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine

Check out a Waring vacuum packaging machine to increase the versatility in your commercial kitchen. Whether you need to store foods, seal product for sous vide cooking, or even want to make infused cocktails, you can get it all done with this one vacuum packaging machine!

Oklahoma Sound 222 Lectern
Oklahoma Sound 222 Lectern

With a stain and scratch resistant surface and convenient glides for floor protection, this affordable Oklahoma Sound 222 full-floor lectern is just what your institution needs. Watch this quick video to learn more!

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