Replacing Faucets with T&S Wall Adapters

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Fisher Ultra-Spray / PLUS
Fisher Ultra-Spray / PLUS

Boasting a guarantee of 1 million cycles, this Fisher Ultra-Spray / PLUS is just what you need for your pre-rinse unit. Watch this video to learn more about what this nozzle can do!

Fisher Pre-Rinse Units
Fisher Pre-Rinse Units

Pre-rinsing is an important step of dishwashing, so make sure your system is as efficient at possible! With Fisher pre-rinse units, you can be sure that food debris is rapidly removed and that racks of dishes are quickly prepared for further washing. Watch this video for a look at the features that distinguish Fisher units from others, and find out how Fisher can benefit your operation!

Fisher Interchangeability: Upgrading Your Pre-Rinse Unit
Fisher Interchangeability: Upgrading Your Pre-Rinse Unit

Check out this video to learn how Fisher can help you upgrade your pre-rinses! Fisher offers pre-rinse components, such as spray valves, hoses and springs that are interchangeable, allowing them to adapt with any other brand.

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