Win-Holt Wrapping Machine Demonstration

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Win-Holt Wrapping Machine Setup
Win-Holt Wrapping Machine Setup

Set up your Win-Holt wrapping machine with these step-by-step instructions! After following these steps, you can simply plug in and begin using your new machine.

Core Shooter Glass
Core Shooter Glass

Serve tequila with salt and a lime, delicious coconut rum, or other specialty shots with this Core 1 oz. shooter glass! Watch this video to learn more about its great features.

How To Use The Cambro Buffet Camchiller
How To Use The Cambro Buffet Camchiller

Avoid the hassle of ice refills and the risk of cross contamination by using this Cambro Buffet Camchiller for your buffet! This product will allow you to keep your prepared food at a safe, cold temperature for over 4 hours.

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