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From Fruity to Savory, Yoplait’s Yogurt is Thick and Creamy

Yoplait was first established when a group of farmers had the desire to put fresh, tasty yogurt into the kitchens of the suburbs in France in 1965. For over 50 years, the dairy yogurt has been shared across the world and is a well-known global brand. Today, Yoplait offers 14 different types of yogurt and 135 flavors with a commitment to health and sustainability. Read more

From fruity to savory flavors, Yoplait provides a thick, creamy yogurt that is full of vitamins and calcium. Whether you are eating it plan or adding granola, Yoplait is the perfect snack or breakfast side. Yoplait’s yogurt is perfect for hotels, cafeterias, or grab-and-go service.