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X-Acto Has All of the Cutting Tools and Pencil Sharpeners You Need

X-Acto was founded nearly a century ago by a Jewish immigrant named Sundel Doniger, who planned to sell his blades as scalpels to surgeons. Since then, they have become known for their precise and high-quality cutting tools that are used by hobbyists, teachers, artists, and office professionals. In 2003, X-Acto and Elmer’s Products, the company that makes Elmer’s glue, merged to form one of the largest hobby and office supply companies in the U.S. Read more

X-Acto is famous for their signature cutting tools, which feature a pen-like handle and short blade that allows for precise cutting and handling. They have expanded from cutting tools into other office and hobby products like pencil sharpeners, staplers, and scissors. Regardless of the product, X-Acto has remained dedicated to creating high-quality and precise tools.

X-Acto Paper Clips and Paper Fasteners

X-Acto Paper Clips and Paper Fasteners

High-quality X-Acto paper clips and fasteners are designed to hold papers together at your office building, university, or hospital.

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X-Acto Pencils and Accessories

X-Acto Pencils and Accessories

Durable X-Acto pencils and accessories include a variety of writing utensils and sharpeners to meet your business's needs.

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