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Add Woodford Reserve’s Bitters, Syrups, and More to Your Cocktails

Woodford Reserve is known for its distillery and Kentucky bourbon and whiskey. The Woodford Reserve Distillery lives on Kentucky’s oldest distillery where Elijah Pepper first crafted whiskey in 1812. Currently, the Woodford Reserve Distillery, located in Woodford County, Kentucky, is one of the smallest and oldest distilleries in America. Woodford Reserve is proudly partnered with Bourbon Barrel Foods where they have a line of cocktail and culinary mixes. Read more

In addition to bourbon and whiskey, Woodford Reserve also sells bitters, syrups, and cocktail fruit soaked in bourbon. Woodford Reserve’s products are essential for bars, taverns, or lounges. Their recognizable brand will allow customers to know that they are receiving a high-end cocktail.

Woodford Reserve Bar Drink Garnishes

Woodford Reserve Bar Drink Garnishes

Add the finishing touch to signature cocktails with Woodford Reserve bar drink garnishes.

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