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Wonder Drink Beverages Balance Digestion Through Their Refreshing Kombuchas

Wonder Drink's mission is to create delicious kombucha that offers consistency and great taste in every bottle. On a trip to Russia in the late 1990s, Stephen Lee became fascinated with kombucha. Before long, he was brewing his own kombucha, caring for his own Symbiotic Colony of Yeast and Bacteria (SCOBY), and even writing books about the healthy beverage. In 1999, Stephen founded Wonder Drink to help everyone enjoy the great-tasting benefits of this fermented drink. Read more

Tart, sparkling, and gut-balancing, Wonder Drink beverages contain the healthy bacteria that all bodies need while tasting refreshing and delicious. Not only does Wonder Drink have naturally occurring probiotics in their kombucha, they've also included prebiotics: fibers that encourage the growth of healthy gut bacteria by providing them with the perfect surface to live and grow on, helping aid in healthy digestion while crowding out bad bacteria. Invite your patrons to balance their digestion while enjoying a great-tasting beverage with this Wonder Drink kombucha.