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WMF Flatware by BauscherHepp

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WMF Flatware by BauscherHepp Gives Your Tabletops an Elegant Touch

WMF Flatware by BauscerhHepp was founded in Germany in 1853 and began producing tableware shortly after. Over 165 years later, passion for their work still drives them to provide every customer with an excellent culinary experience. Now a part of the BauscherHepp family of products, WMF continues to provide quality tablewares for your restaurant, hotel, or banquet hall. Read more

Shop from our selection of WMF flatware by BauscherHepp to improve your dining presentation and impress your guests. They offer a large selection of spoons so that you can be prepared whether you’re serving coffee, soup, or dessert. Furthermore, their selection of modern flatware features a straight-line design that gives your dinner table a contemporary touch.