Wilton Cake Decorating and Baking Supplies

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Wilton Cake Decorating Supplies Are Essential Items for Any Bakery

Wilton has been in the business of making confectionary art accessible to everyone, not just bakers and professionals, since 1929. Wilton baking supplies hold the nation’s number one position for the industry's most comprehensive selection. Wilton cake decorating supplies are known for their high quality. Other Wilton products include pastry supplies, bakeware, and tea kettles. Whether you are a stay-at-home parent making goodies for the kids or a professional pastry chef, Wilton has the perfect product for you. Read more

Wilton understands that proper cuisine is more than just the food you serve – it’s the experience. So, Wilton offers an internationally recognized confectionary school and several other educational outlets in addition to their range of products, so you can fully immerse yourself in baking and confectionary art. For the best in confectionary and baking products, choose Wilton cake decorating supplies.