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Wesfac Parts are Built with Long-Lasting Endurance and Quality Materials

As a brand under OmniTeam, Wesfac manufactures refrigeration parts to keep any establishment's refrigerators in working order. They use high-quality materials to ensure optimal strength and endurance, allowing their parts to stand up to the demands of a busy commercial kitchen. Regulating food temperatures is important for food safety, so make sure to have Wesfac parts on hand. Read more

Wesfac products allow you to have replacement parts on-hand for your refrigerators to always ensure they're working properly. From hinges, thermostats, and gaskets, Wesfac has parts to replace several pieces of your refrigerator. With an abundance of knowledge in food service refrigeration, use Wesfac parts to keep every refrigerator top notch.

Wesfac Commercial Refrigeration Thermostats

Wesfac Commercial Refrigeration Thermostats

Keep your food safe by always showing the proper refrigerator temperature with Wesfac commercial refrigeration thermostats.

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Wesfac Hinges and Hinge Hardware for Refrigeration Equipment

Wesfac Hinges and Hinge Hardware for Refrigeration Equipment

Ensure your refrigerators are properly secured by supplying these Wesfac hinges and hinge hardware for refrigeration equipment in your place of business.

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