Viva Oil Products

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Create Salad Dressing or Saute Vegetables with Viva Oil Products

If you’re looking for a high-quality cooking or frying oil for your restaurant, diner, or bistro, Viva oil products are the perfect product. Viva is a brand of Stratas Foods, a manufacturer of fats, oils, and other food ingredients that is based in North America. Additionally, while the business is headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee, they have locations all across the United States, so they can get their Viva oil products to their customers quickly and easily. Read more

Viva oil products are perfect for a variety of cooking tasks, such as baking, sauteing, frying, and more. Because you can use their products in many different recipes, you can use the company’s products in most types of foodservice establishments. Additionally, most Viva oil products are blends of soya and olive oils, which give them a higher smoke point while also making them healthier than other cooking oils.