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In 1996, Ventura Foods was born through the merging of two well-established companies, Wilsey Foods and Holsum Foods. Named supplier of the year by Sysco and Subway in 2013, Ventura Foods embodies The Ventura Edge, their identity statement that includes integrity, customer focus, teamwork, and personal ownership as their core values. Ventura Foods products are sure to delight you and your customers, as they are supplied by a company committed to culinary and product development expertise. Read more

Ventura Foods products are an excellent addition to your restaurant, dining hall, buffet, and more. Choose a creamy dressing, such as ranch, to go with your eatery’s specialty wings, or stock up on caesar dressing, so you’ll always be prepared to offer a classic caesar salad. With Ventura Foods products, you can be sure you are serving the highest quality items to your guests.