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Valor Cast Iron Cookware Combines a Premium Finish with an Affordable Price

Cook rustic and home-style dishes with ease or create a traditional table setting for your guests by using high-quality Valor cast iron cookware. Valor's selection of cookware combines a high-quality construction, exceptional durability, and an affordable price, making it the perfect choice for any type of foodservice establishment. Additionally, all of their cookware is FDA-approved, so you can be sure that they're all safe for use in your commercial kitchen. Every piece of Valor cast iron cookware is pre-seasoned for your convenience, so you can start using it immediately. Additionally, the high-quality construction on these products results in excellent heat retention and even heat distribution, preventing hot spots from forming. Valor’s large catalog of products includes everything you need, ranging from large skillets to single serving pots and servers. They also carry a selection of fajita sizzlers that are perfect for Mexican and Southwestern-style restaurants. As an added bonus, you can use Valor cast iron cookware on traditional gas or electric ranges or induction cookers, and you can even use them in the oven.