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Unimac Manufactures High-Tech Laundry Equipment for Heavy-Duty Use

Unimac has been building efficient laundry equipment for commercial industries for over 60 years. Today, they focus on building innovative and durable machines that can handle heavy use in commercial businesses. Unimac is also known for their customer-focused and customizable approach, where they work with their customers to design and build the ideal laundry space to meet their exact needs. Read more

Since their beginning, Unimac has constantly strived to improve their products with new and innovative technology. They currently offer a wide range of products that have state-of-the-art features like cloud access, customizable wash cycles, and auto leak detection. In addition to laundry equipment, Unimac supplies a wide selection of washer and dryer parts that you can use to repair your equipment when it's broken or malfunctioning.

Unimac Ignition Controls

Unimac Ignition Controls

Use Unimac ignition controls to replace the parts on your laundry equipment that ignite gas or propane and power your appliance.

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Unimac Laundry Machine Parts and Accessories

Unimac Laundry Machine Parts and Accessories

Repair broken belts, screens, and motors on your laundry equipment with Unimac laundry machine parts and accessories.

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