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Ultrafryer Systems has been making commercial gas and electric deep fryers since they were founded in 1969. Their fryers are ideal for high-volume fast food restaurants, diners, or fried chicken restaurants as they conduct rigorous tests to ensure their equipment is of the highest quality. Additionally, Ultrafryer Systems strives to create energy-efficient appliances that can help reduce your utility bills while providing the best frying experience possible. Read more

Ultrafryer equipment parts are made out of robust materials that ensure longevity and durability, which is ideal for high-volume operations in the foodservice industry that value high-quality equipment. They strive to innovate in the deep frying market and create products that outperform their competitors in recovery time, high production yields, and energy efficiency.

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Ultrafryer Systems Casters

Attach Ultrafryer Systems casters to your small appliances and work stations to move them easily around your kitchen area as needed.

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Fryer Filter System Parts

Ultrafryer Systems Fryer Filter System Parts

Dirty oil can affect the taste and crispiness of your deep fried dishes, so protect the flavor of your food by filtering your oil with Ultrafryer Systems fryer filter system parts.

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