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Make Garbage Collection Simple With These Durable Toter Trash Cans

Toter made its debut in the 1960s with its introduction of an automated cart system for garbage collection. Since their inception, the company has made it their mission to provide efficient and innovative solutions to simplify trash disposal for commercial businesses. Toter is now part of the Wastequip family, and they have been recognized as one of the leading manufacturer in the trash receptacle industry. Read more

Stock up on Toter trash cans for your restaurant, office, or university campus. These durable trash carts and bins are available in a variety of sizes to meet the specific needs of your business. Toter carries a wide catalog of products, including industrial trash cans, recycling bins, garbage bags, dollies, and air fresheners. Streamline the cleaning process in your building by using Toter supplies for everyday waste removal.

Toter Trash Can Liners / Garbage Bags

Toter Trash Can Liners / Garbage Bags

Use reliable Toter trash can liners to collect trash and waste in one place without the fear of leaks and tears.

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