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The Konery Ice Cream Cones

The Konery Ice Cream Cones offer a modern take on the traditional waffle cone and are made from the highest quality ingredients.

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Waffle Cone Stands

The Konery Waffle Cone Stands allow you to showcase your selection of waffle cones for your customers.

Shop Featured Flavor - Lavender

Featured Flavor - Lavender

Made with only the highest quality, gourmet ingredients, the Lavender Cone imparts a faintly floral aroma and subtly sweet flavor that blends nicely into the hearty crunch of a classic waffle cone.

Serve Your Ice Cream In A Fun, New Way with The Konery Products

Bewildered at the idea that "specialty" stopped at ice cream itself, Kristine Tonkonow set out to create ice cream cones that added a whole new, dynamic experience to enjoying the frozen treat. The Konery was established to combat this problem with a delicious solution: creative and modern ice cream cones that are made with fresh herbs, spices, natural extracts, and gourmet ingredients. All of their cones are free from preservatives and additives, as well as being vegan and nut-free for customers with food allergies or dietary restrictions.

Each cone is created from scratch in their facility in Brooklyn, New York, being made, baked, rolled, cooled, and packaged with the utmost care and precision. Their undeniably unique design, with a waffle cone pattern that gives a nod towards the classic waffle cone look, adds a specialty menu item to your ice cream shop or food truck's offerings that customers will desire. Whether serving completely unique or classically traditional ice cream, you can be sure there's a complementary cone to serve it in with The Konery products.