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The Cocktail Garnish Food Products

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The Cocktail Garnish Food Products Provide Perfect Toppings for Mixed Drinks

The Cocktail Garnish is a small bar supply company based in California, where they create a variety of garnishes to increase the aesthetic appeal of drinks. Their founding principles guide their innovative goods as they make organic dried fruit garnishes for experienced bar owners and homeowners trying out mixology for the first time. With their products, they hope to reduce the amount of waste from bars and restaurants by offering a shelf-stable solution to creating beautiful drinks. Read more

The Cocktail Garnish food products provide the perfect flair for your signature drinks. Choose from a wide assortment of dried fruits, such as blood oranges or lemons, to add a unique finishing touch to your cocktails, desserts, or entrees. Additionally, these organic garnishes are shelf stable, allowing you to reduce waste from unused fresh fruit.