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Tanara Giancarlo Food Products Bring the True Taste of Italy to Any Establishment

Since 1960, Tanara Giancarlo Foods has been producing some of the world's finest charcuterie and DOP Parma ham. Nestled amidst the green rolling hills and ancient castles of Langhirano, Italy, salty sea air rolls through the foothills of the Apennines, where it becomes cool and sweet, before wafting into the open windows of Tanara Giancarlo's curing rooms. This method has been used to cure ham for centuries, and Tanara Giancarlo Foods stands by it every day. Read more

Tanara Giancarlo's process of curing their DOP ham is as authentic as it could be: expertly trimming legs that are rubbed and coated with the finest sea salt, and then left to dry for 24 months. Their ham is perfect for a gourmet charcuterie board or crafting decadent sandwiches in your restaurant or deli. For the finest in Italian tradition, use Tanara Giancarlo Food products.