Swanson's Broths and Stocks

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Make Delicious Recipes with the Help of Swanson’s Broths and Stocks

As a Campbell Soup Company brand, Swanson strives to produce high-quality and delicious ingredients to enhance all sorts of recipes. The line of broths and stocks was created by Carl A. Swanson in 1899 with the goal of providing a product upon which recipes could be built upon. From TV-dinners to decadent roasts, Swanson’s broth and stock has become a staple in the food industry. Read more

Swanson’s stocks and broths are made from the freshest ingredients to ensure a high level of quality for each box. The company handcrafts the ratio of herbs, vegetables, and meats to create the signature flavor their customers have grown to expect. Add Swanson’s broths and stocks to your kitchen to give your menu a flavor boost.