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High-Volume Warewashing Equipment from Stero is Perfect for Your Busy Operation

If you run a healthcare facility, correctional facility, university dining hall, or large-scale restaurant, Stero has the heavy weight warewashing equipment you need. For over 70 years, they have focused on creating high-quality and long-lasting dishwashing equipment that work quickly and efficiently, so you’re never running out of dishes. Read more

Stero creates warewashing equipment that can handle heavy loads, which makes their products ideal for high-volume operations, like healthcare facilities, banquet halls, and school cafeterias. They also offer precise designs that you can configure to the specific needs of your establishment. In addition to full-size appliances, they have a variety of replacement parts that you can use to fix broken or worn-out parts on your equipment.

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Dishwasher Controls and Electronic Components

Stero Dishwasher Controls and Electronic Components

Stero dishwasher controls and electronic components allow you to adjust the settings, water levels, and temperature on your warewashing equipment.

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Dishwasher Wash, Rinse, and Pump Components

Stero Dishwasher Wash, Rinse, and Pump Components

Repair the tubes and pumps that force water and soap into your dishwasher with Stero dishwasher wash, rinse and pump components.

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Stero Nuts

Ensure that the bolts holding your equipment together are tightly secured and replace worn-out and corroded components with Stero nuts.

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Contactors and Relays

Stero Contactors and Relays

Using Stero contactors and relays allows you to switch the electrical current running into your warewashing equipment to the necessary voltage.

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