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Offer Luxury Teas at an Affordable Price with Steep Cafe by Bigelow Tea Products

Steep Cafe by Bigelow brings high-end tea to your customers' mugs. Steep Cafe is a brand that grew under Bigelow Tea, the leader in the specialty tea industry for three generations. The company is still family-owned with simple goals based on customer satisfaction, customer relationships, happy employees, and a firm, practical code of ethics. Read more

All of Steep Cafe by Bigelow teas are created from whole leaves, herbs, and spices to maintain their essential oils and aromas. Each bag is made into a pyramid-style sachet, which gives spaciousness for the herbs and spices to move more freely and release their high-quality characteristics more naturally. The herbs and spices move in a circular motion in pyramid bags, extending their flavor into your customers' mugs, allowing Steep Cafe by Bigelow tea products to help you serve a fresh, luxury cup of tea every time.