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St. Clemens Dairy Products

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St. Clemens Dairy Products Are a Fresh-Tasting Choice for Your Menu

Located in Denmark, St. Clemens is a dairy cooperative that has been providing quality dairy products to customers worldwide since 1972. St. Clemens has won numerous national and international awards over the years for their superior cheese. With a skilled staff and a commitment to customer satisfaction, St. Clemens delivers their fresh, high-value dairy products in a timely manner to a global customer base. Read more

Whether you operate a restaurant, dining hall, or pizzeria, St. Clemens dairy products are an excellent choice for your business. Craft specialty flatbreads, pizzas, and paninis with savory, creamy cheese that your guests will enjoy. Slice, cube, or shred St. Clemens dairy products to use as a fresh-tasting ingredient or topping for various sandwiches, salads, pizzas, and more.