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Square Scrub Industrial Floor Machines’ Square Scrub Parts Are Proudly Made in the USA 

Square Scrub EBG delivers productivity squared through a broad range of cleaning tools that specifically address the needs of every floor type. Square Scrub understands time is money, so they’ve created ergonomic equipment that reduces fatigue and increases efficiency for superior cleaning results. The founder’s father raised him to apply elbow grease (EBG) to all his cleaning projects, and he continues this legacy of hard work by delivering electric elbow grease through Square Scrub EBG.  Read more

Square Scrub parts are proudly sourced and assembled in the USA. From Arkansas steel frames to Wisconsin engineered motors, Square Scrub believes in the power of American innovation and is dedicated to enhancing and supporting American manufacturing. Square Scrub parts are environmentally responsible, and their equipment's efficiency allows you to use less water and chemicals long term.