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Spring Glen Fresh Foods started out when a central Pennsylvania family started selling extra baked goods to their neighbors, but they have since grown into a large and well-respected provider of quality, hand-prepared food products. The company has been in operation for over 75 years, and they were acquired by Hanover Foods in 1990, expanding their production capabilities and allowing them to reach further markets. Today, you can find their products in a variety of delis, convenience stores, restaurants, and diners all over the United States. Read more

If you’re looking to provide your customers with delicious deli foods that are made with fresh and quality ingredients, Spring Glen food products are the right choice. They have a wide selection of food products for you to choose from, such as side dishes like coleslaw and pre-made soups as well as desserts like tapioca pudding. Additionally, all Spring Glen food products are grown in Lancaster County, which is an area known for its selection of delicious and fresh produce.

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Pre-Made Soups

Spring Glen Fresh Foods Pre-Made Soups

If you're looking for a quick and convenient side dish, Spring Glen Fresh Foods pre-made soups are the perfect option.

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Dessert Case

Spring Glen Fresh Foods Dessert Case

Provide your customers with a convenient and delicious dessert by choosing Spring Glen Fresh Foods from our Dessert Case.

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Lunch Board

Spring Glen Fresh Foods Lunch Board

Spring Glen Fresh Foods on our Lunch Board are packed with a rustic and wholesome flavor that is a perfect option for customers at your diner.

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