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Use Spice Classics Food Products to Enhance Your Dishes with Delicious Flavors

Established in 1976, Spice Classics is a trusted source of all-natural seasonings and herbs. With a mission to provide the highest quality and best tasting herbs and spices, they focus on their passion for flavors and carefully select the freshest seasonings to bring the richest flavors to dishes. Spice Classics offers dry blends such as spices, herbs, and seasonings that provide a unique taste to differentiate your menu offerings from the competition. Read more

Specially formulated for food service professionals and retailers, Spice Classics food products are easy to use and help craft everyday and special occasion meals into culinary masterpieces. These seasonings and spices come in a variety of sizes, including bulk options, and deliver a superior flavor that stands up to high-volume cooking and food preparation. Thoughtfully crafted, Spice Classics seasonings are made with all-natural ingredients and are an ideal option for those looking for the highest quality flavor.