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Speed Queen Makes Long-Lasting and High-Quality Commercial Laundry Equipment

Since the beginning, Speed Queen has been dedicated to constantly improving and making the highest quality laundry equipment possible. They started in 1908, when two enterprising hardware store owners in Wisconsin improved several hand-powered washing machines by adding high-speed gears. This set their reputation as innovators and leaders in the commercial laundry industry. Read more

Today, Speed Queen is part of the Alliance Laundry Systems LLC, the world’s largest commercial laundry company, and they make appliances for both home and commercial use. Their laundry equipment is made to last, and they claim that their appliances will last 25 years of performance. In case of any problems, Speed Queen washer parts are useful for replacing broken or malfunctioning components.

Speed Queen Bearings and Bushings

Speed Queen Bearings and Bushings

Stock up on replacement parts for your commercial laundry equipment with Speed Queen bearings and bushings.

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