Sour Patch Kids

Sour Patch Kids Candy Products, Toppings & Bulk Packages

by  Mondelez

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Use Sour Patch Kids Candy Products, Toppings, and Bulk Packages to Add Unique Flavors to Baked Goods and Sweet Treats

Although not called Sour Patch Kids until 1985, the candy dates back to the 1970s under its original name “Mars Men”. The iconic flavor of soft gummy candy covered in sour sugar was an immediate hit, and the candy quickly became popular. Today Sour Patch Kids come in dozens of different flavors and are one of the most recognizable brands of candy in the country. Read more

Sour Patch Kids candy products, toppings, and bulk packages can be the perfect addition to just about any store or restaurant. Establishments like convenience stores and hotels can offer packaged sour patch candies as a way to improve impulse sales and offer quick snacks to customers. On the other hand, restaurants can use the unique flavors and varying colors of Sour Patch Kids to add a new aspect to dishes such as ice cream and frozen yogurt.