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Reduce Waste at Your Restaurant, Hotel, or School with Products from Somat

School cafeterias, restaurants, and hotels generate a lot of waste, most of which ends up in landfills. To combat this wastefulness, Somat created a line of pulpers that can help reduce the foodservice industry’s environmental impact. The company started in the 1940s when a German immigrant, Kurt Wandel, developed a small pulper for home gardeners, and since then, they have grown into one of the leaders in waste management in the foodservice industry. Read more

Somat offers a variety of pulping and water extracting machines that grind and remove the water from waste and compress it into a smaller form that takes up less room in a landfill. Additionally, their products are built to be efficient, reusing and recycling water, which can help to reduce your utility bills. While their equipment is very durable, you can use Somat waste reduction equipment parts and accessories to repair your waste management tools.

Somat O-Rings

Somat O-Rings

Somat o-rings create a tight seal between two components inside your equipment and prevent liquid from leaking out.

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Somat Contactors

Somat Contactors

Somat contactors and relays switch the electrical current that powers internal functions in your appliances.

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