Sol-O-Matic Laundromat Furnishings

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Furnish Your Facility with Reliable Sol-O-matic Products

Sol-O-matic was established in 1960 with the mission to create quality furnishings for the laundry industry and other commercial establishments. They provide their customers with quality products that are designed for long-lasting use with minimal maintenance and upkeep in high-traffic settings. Their fiberglass and metal furniture is made in their Houston, Texas facility to ensure quality and craftsmanship. Read more

Sol-O-matic products are designed to withstand the test of time in even the most demanding commercial settings. The products are ideal for laundromats, parks, universities, and retail locations, and they come. in a wide variety of sizes and configurations. Wear-resistant and easy to clean, Sol-O-matic products offer an ideal furnishing solution for your high-volume facility.