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Silver Floss Sauerkraut Products

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Silver Floss Sauerkraut Products Have a Long Shelf Life and Wholesome Taste

GLK Foods is a family-owned company that provides innovative food products to restaurants, convenience stores, and dining halls world-wide. GLK Foods is proud to have committed partnerships with family farmers and skillful engineering processes that result in high-quality food products. Silver Floss Kraut, a brand of GLK Foods, provides customers with wholesome kraut that is a perfect addition to your dining hall or restaurant menu. Read more

If you’re looking to add a healthy option to your menu, Silver Floss sauerkraut products are an excellent option. Silver Floss kraut is not only tasty, but it has both canned and jar packaging that extends its shelf life. For a healthy and economic side dish, Silver Floss sauerkraut products offer a fresh taste that your guests will love.