Silikomart Professional Bakeware Molds

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Silikomart Professional Bakeware Molds Create Beautiful, High-Quality Desserts Through Their Premium and Safe Silicone

Produced through outstanding Italian craftsmanship, Silikomart creates state-of-the-art silicone molds that are used in professional kitchens and bakeries around the world. Their products are safe, functional, and have a well-deserved reputation of being the best silicone molds in the industry. Constantly staying above the curve, they invest heavily in new research to keep innovating and inventing the best products. Read more

Containing zero toxic components, Silikomart's platinum silicone is very hygienic and offers the lowest number of volatile substances when compared to other types of silicone. It's also completely odorless and tasteless, meaning that your specialty treats will always turn out tasting as they should. Plus, Silikomart professional bakeware were tested in accordance with FDA standards to provide you with a superior food-safe mold that promotes ideal quality control.