Sidral Mundet

Sidral Mundet Soft Drinks

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Sidral Mundet Soft Drinks Contain Crisp Apple Flavor and Real Cane Sugar

Sidral Mundet is one of Mexico’s most iconic soft drink brands. First bottled in 1902 by Arturo Mundet, the apple-flavored soda was inspired by traditional Mexican aguas frescas drinks with refreshing fruit flavors. Sidral Mundet is known for containing real apple juice and is bottled using a special pasteurization technique for sterilization. Read more

Sidral Mundet soft drinks were introduced to the United States in 1988 and are distributed by Novamex, a specialist in authentic Mexican brands. Available in fresh flavors like golden apple, green apple, and pear, Sidral Mundet sodas are a Mexican institution prized for their hydrating, stomach-soothing qualities. Real apple flavor and can sugar make Sidral Mundet a delicious choice for Mexican restaurants, bodegas, and food trucks.