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Shaver Specialty Equipment Parts Ensure Efficiency in Your Kitchen

In 1938, George W. Shaver Sr. created the vegetable cutter to give his wife an easier way to cut potatoes and make fries in their kitchen. Soon, Mr. Shaver began developing vegetable cutters of different sizes out of his machine shop in LA for family and friends. Since then, subsequent generations have continued to grow Shaver Specialty, operating with the same emphasis on quality and innovation as Mr. Shaver did more than 50 years ago. Read more

Whether you operate a fast food restaurant or an upscale restaurant, Shaver Specialty has a selection of high-powered cutting tools for your kitchen. If you need to replace or upgrade broken or worn-down parts, Shave Specialty equipment parts will keep your machines operating smoothly. With new blades, cutting heads, or pusher blocks, your Shaver Specialty gear will continue making your food prep process more efficient.