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Enjoy Hands-Free Operation with Sani-Lav Plumbing Products

Sani-Lav sinks and plumbing accessories are manufactured by Columbia Products, a leader in the janitorial industry since 1949. The company specializes in hands-free operation as a method to prevent cross-contamination and food-borne illness. Decades of engineering experience have allowed Sani-Lav to perfect their products and set a standard for sanitation and hygiene in food processing environments. Read more

Sani-Lav plumbing products meet the strictest requirements set by the USDA. Hands-free operation is a specialty of Columbia Products, making Sani-Lav sinks ideal for industries where hand hygiene is extremely important, including foodservice, laboratories, and medical facilities. In addition to their functionality, Sani-Lav products are praised by contractors for their design and durability.