Sammic Foodservice Equipment

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Keep Your Food Prep Equipment Running Smoothly with Parts from Sammic

Sammic was founded in 1961 by businesspeople who wanted to supply high-quality equipment for food preparation. Over the past 50 years, they have worked with chefs and professionals in the restaurant industry to design and manufacture top-of-range products for the foodservice, hotel, and catering industries. As foodservice has transformed and evolved with the times, Sammic has also worked enthusiastically to satisfy new demands and keep up with current trends. Read more

Sammic produces a variety of products that make food prep easier, ranging from peelers and salad spinners to immersion blenders and food processors. In addition, if you need to fix broken or malfunctioning equipment, you can use Sammic parts and accessories. Whether you own a small cafe or a large buffet, these products can save time and make food prep easier.