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Saf Pro Food Products Improve the Performance of Your Dough

The Saf Pro Ingredients brand was launched by the Lesaffre Yeast Corporation in 2015 to represent the company’s North American line of organic baking ingredients. Lesaffre traces its history back to the 1800s, when Louis Lesaffre and Louis Bonduelle created a new process to manufacture fresh yeast. By the turn of the century, the company was operating at the global level and providing yeast products to commercial bakers across the world. Read more

Today, Saf Pro baking ingredients maintain the same level of quality that was established by the Lesaffre Yeast Corporation over a century ago. Products like dough conditioners, baker’s yeast, and other baking additives help to improve the texture and performance of dough. With Saf Pro food products, commercial bakers gain access to organic, non-GMO baking ingredients and yeast formulas from a leader in the baking industry.